Thursday, November 19, 2015

Peyton Eve: 3 Months

Another month has passed us by. Seriously, where is the time going?! I know I've said this every month, and I will continue to say it, but I just can't believe my baby is 3 months old already! She has changed so much in the last month and is growing into such a happy little baby! I mean her smiles, ya'll...they just melt me. As much as I miss her teeny newborn self, I am really enjoying this stage in her life and watching her explore life and develop such a fun little personality!

Peyton won't be going back to the pediatricians until her 4-month visit, so we took it upon ourselves to try and measure her growth over the past month.

Peyton at THREE months: 
Weight: 11 lbs. 5 oz. 
Birth: 6 lbs. 10 oz.

She's finally starting to get some arm and leg rolls and that little milk belly that is just so adorable on little babes. She is still comfortably wearing her 0-3 month clothes from GAP and Old Navy, Size 1 diapers, and Carter's 3 month clothes. All of her 3 month sleepers are starting to finally fit her well and not swallow her up. We officially boxed up her newborn clothes and put them away. Not going to lie... this mama may have shed a tear looking at those tiny little clothes and thinking about how fast this is all going by. 

P is all smiles these days. She lights up when she sees a face she recognizes and loves to chat your ear off. It's probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen. She smiles and coos whenever you make eye contact and talk sweetly to her. Even when she is getting fussy, she will still bust out a smile or two between cries (usually for more milk.) 

This month, Peyton loves...:

Her hands- P definitely discovered her hands this month. They are almost always stuffed as far in her mouth as she can get them. Like so far in that she made herself gag once. Crazy girl. With the hands in the mouth, she has also started drooling a lot. Ryan is not a fan of "messes" and is constantly wiping her face off. I keep trying to tell him to get used to the mess of drool and spit up, and that it's just going to get bigger when she starts feeding herself. Bless him. 

Her swing/bouncy seat- At least once a day, Peyton takes a decent (2-3 hours) nap in her swing, which frees this mama up to do what she needs to around the house. I know I should probably be trying to transition her to her cribs for naps during the day, but for the moment it's super convenient to plop her in her swing.  Her Nana also found her an awesome bouncy seat this month that we keep in the bedroom with us. The seat vibrates and has an attachment across the top that makes bubbles, lights up, and plays music. Basically, it does it all and keeps her content for long enough for me to shower and get dressed most days. 

Looking at herself in mirrors- This girl thinks she is the funniest/cutest thing in the world. Anytime a mirror is placed in front of her, she lights up and starts smiling at herself. It is so funny to watch! 

Peek-a-boo- We discovered the magic that is peek-a-boo this month. Peyton never tires of this game and gave us some real belly laughs consistently during peek-a-boo. 

Bath time- No words...just pictures. 

This month, Peyton hates...:

Tummy Time- While she is definitely getting stronger, homegirl still hates being on her tummy for extended periods of time. She would much rather be standing up (with assistance of course) or playing on her back. The other day, while participating in some tummy time action, P surprised both Ryan and me by whipping out some serious yoga moves. Downward dog, anyone!? 

Waiting for milk when she is hungry- This girl can flip a switch. One minute she will be playing with you and all smiles, the next she is screaming and inconsolable until a bottle or boob are stuffed into her mouth. We can't help but laugh sometimes at her drama! Lord help us when she is a teenager. 

I'm pretty happy that her loves outweigh her hates still and that she is overall a pretty happy baby! 

Some other fun facts from P's third month of life: 

I am happy to report that Peyton continues to sleep through the night. Three cheers for feeling like a normal human being again! P takes a 4 oz. bottle around 9:30-10 at night, and then sleeps until around 8 the next morning. Her morning bottle has been bumped up to 7 oz. and little miss piggy guzzles it down! I nurse her on demand for the rest of the day, usually 3-4 times total. **I typed this out two days ago. Since then, Peyton has decided she would much rather spend some quality time with her mommy in the middle of the night than sleep. Pray that this will pass quickly, people! 

I am not so happy to report that itty bitty continues to blow out her diaper every. single. time she poops while in her car seat (which is pretty much every time.) I haven't quite mastered the blow outs in public and usually end up running around like a crazy person, trying to juggle a baby, stroller/car seat, diaper bag, grocery cart, to the nearest changing table. Last week, I needed to exchange some things at the Carter's store. Just as I was about to finish up the shopping trip, baby girl pooped and I just knew it was probably all over her. Luckily Gramps was with me and was able to keep an eye on the stroller and the clothes I had picked out while I changed Peyton. However, I forgot to put a new plastic bag in the diaper bag, so when I came out of the bathroom, I had the baby and diaper bag in one hand, and a wad of soaking wet, poopy clothes in the other. Mom fail. 

Peyton, you are such a joy! We love watching your personality develop more and more and can't wait to see how you grow and change next month! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day In the Life: Three Month Old Edition

For years now I've been reading day in the life posts by some of my favorite bloggers. I've always found it fun to see how other people spend their days and how different their days are than mine, especially the bloggers with children. Now that I have a three month old of my own, I thought it would be fun to document how my days look since I'm sure they're going to be way different this time next year. And the year after that. And after that. I mean, they are already WAY different than they were a month or two ago. (Nursing every two hours is so two months ago.) 

So without further ado, here's how my Monday looked. 

Peyton didn't end up falling asleep last night until around 11:30, which is way later than she normally does, so our morning actually started later than expected. P started stirring around 9:30 this morning! She hung out in her crib, content just sucking on her hands, while I pumped. We got her out of bed around 10, brought her downstairs, and gave her a bottle. When she sleeps through the night, she usually wakes up starving and guzzles down 7 or more ounces!! Miss Piggy! This mornings bottle was given to her by her Daddy!

While Ryan gave her the bottle, I started the laundry. Monday is always laundry day in this house... and Wednesday, and Thursday, and pretty much any other day P poops all over her clothes. 

After her bottle, I put Peyton on her piano activity mat to play while I drank a cup of coffee and meal planned for the week. This week, we're having grilled fish, chicken broccoli casserole, beef tacos, and shrimp and grits.

After a grocery list had been made, I nursed Peyton and put her down in her swing for her first little nap of the day around 11:30. Once she was content in her swing, I threw my workout clothes on and did a Shawn T total body circuit, which kicked my butt!

Peyton woke up during the end of the workout, so I figured she could join me and get a little exercise herself in the form of tummy time. Clearly, this is still one of her least favorite activities.

After the workout, I made myself some lunch. Lunch today was a box of mac n cheese with some peas and chicken thrown in. Healthy, I know. While I ate, P did her best to eat her butterfly hanging toy on her play mat. She loves trying to get that thing in her mouth.

When lunch was over, I cleaned the kitchen, got myself and baby girl dressed, and left to run some errands. Our first stop was Target, where we met Gramps. I did my grocery shopping at the Super Target this week because I had a coupon for a $10 gift card after spending $50 on groceries. At Target, P required a change after a mini blow out and some milk. u I've changed many diapers in public, I had managed to avoid nursing somehow until today. We found ourselves the most secluded little corner in the little cafeteria area and nursed until P got her fill before heading to our next destination, Sams Club.

By the time we got home from our errands, it was 5:45. Ryan and I prepared dinner while little miss snoozed away in her car seat.

P continued to sleep through dinner, which RARELY ever happens. So, thanks baby girl! Ryan and I ate trout, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted potatoes for dinner. I picked up the trout from Sam's Club because it was the only thing that didn't come in a quantity large enough to feed both of our extended families. I'm happy to report that it was pretty tasty though!

Peyton woke up around 7:45 ready for some dinner of her own. After I nursed her, she played in my lap until 8:30ish. Since she has been sleeping so well, we wanted to attempt to put her to bed a little earlier than normal, so around 9, we warmed up her bottle and took her upstairs to begin her nighttime routine. She drank about 4 oz, got all swaddled up, and went to sleep around 9:45.

Ryan and I spent the rest of the night watching Blacklist, drinking hot tea, enjoying a fire in the fireplace.

We went to bed around 11, hoping for a full nights sleep so that I could wake up refreshed and ready to basically do it all over again!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Seagrove Beach 2015

This past week, Ryan, Peyton, and I were lucky enough to accompany the rest of the Smith clan down to Seagrove Beach in Florida. This was our first vacation since Aruba in February and Peyton's first vacation ever! 

We left rainy Georgia after a weekend filled with a Marietta high school homecoming event, two GT alumni events, and two weddings. While we loved attending each event, we were more than ready for a little vacation! 
So great to see some of my besties from Marietta! 
Peyton #notimpressed during her first Ramblin' Wreck experience! 
At Charlie and Laurie's beautiful wedding! 
At Lauren and Ricky's beautiful wedding! 

Some photo booth fun from the wedding:

We got to the condo Monday evening, got unpacked, did some grocery shopping, and ate some delicious pizza from Pizza by the Sea before calling it an early night. Peyton, sensing she was on vacation, decided to sleep for 10 hours straight, so I woke up feeling pretty refreshed and ready for the day on Tuesday (and really needing to pump.) The first few days in town were pretty rainy, so we spent a lot of time indoors, driving around Seaside and down 30A to explore. When it wasn't raining, we did get out for some walks on the beach! Peyton fussed a lot going into her Baby Bjorn, but as soon as we started walking, she passed out hard and wouldn't wake up until we got back to the condo. 

Some highlights from the trip (other than Peyton giving us a few AWESOME nights sleep!): 

Around midweek, the sun came out and the ocean calmed down (it had been a double red flag the whole first half of our trip, meaning the beach was closed to swimmers.) Brandon and Rachel bought some kayaks for their condo and almost everyone had a good time taking them out into the water. On Friday, while we were hanging out on the beach, Susan noticed some dolphins jumping just off the coast. The kayaks were taken out immediately to scope everything out up close. Apparently, the dolphins were just as curious and the kayakers were and came about a paddles length away from the boats when Brandon and Rachel had them out. So cool! 

The best beach baby invention ever. Kept the sun and sand out while she played/napped. 

Cousin Smooches

On Thursday from 12-6 p.m., a local restaurant called the Marketplace Cafe, closed their doors and hosted a blow out party to celebrate 66 years of business for the community. It was free to attend and the restaurant handed out free food and drinks the entire time. We went around 4 and got loaded up with shrimp po-boys, grouper sandwiches, cheeseburgers, fries, and tons of beer from Grayton Brewery. It was quite the score! We will miss you Marketplace Cafe! 

Our last day of vacation was Halloween. The shops in downtown Seaside were hosting a Halloween event and passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. We dressed Peyton and Leah up and walked around Saturday night collecting candy! I felt kind of bad collecting candy on behalf of Peyton that she clearly wasn't going to eat... but obviously it didn't stop me. Parents deserve some halloween candy just as much as the kids! While Peyton slept through most of the experience (#notimpressed again), Leah seemed to enjoy herself and it was fun to see all the cuties dressed up in their Halloween best. Leah was an adorable scarecrow, and P was a little Ladybug! 

Nana and Pop with their girls! 
Thanks Smith family for another wonderful vacation!!