Saturday, July 30, 2016

Peyton Eve: 11 Months

Ugh, Ya'll. I'm SO far behind on this whole blog thing. We've had lots of summer trips and special events that  I just haven't had the time to write about lately. Sad day. Hopefully soon I'll be able to catch the ole blog up on our life events! In the meantime, I can't miss a monthly update. I mean, I've made it TEN months, I can't crap out now!

I am still in disbelief that our sweet little one is coming up on her first birthday. Where did this year go? I can't believe it. Birthday party planning mode is in full effect over here and we've already had her one year photo session with our favorite photographer, Liz! Just wait until you see the cuteness! It's too much.

Peyton at ELEVEN months:

Weight: 19 lbs.  
Birth: 6 lbs. 10 oz.
Peyton is still in size 3 diapers and wearing 9-12 month clothes. She is in 12 month footed-sleepers though because homegirl is loooooong. I'll be curious to see what percentile she falls into at her one year check up next month!

Peyton Loves: 
Playing outside
Eating All. The. Things 
Playing with the door stoppers
Being in the pool
Playing with her water table

Peyton Hates:
Being hungry 
Not being the center of attention
Being told "no"

What's New This Month: 
1. Peyton's vocabulary has seriously expanded this month! She's always been a babbler, but this month she really starting copying the same sounds as us. She can now say: mama, dada, mimi, nana, puppy, pretty, baby, and more. I'm not convinced she truly knows what any of those words mean other than more. When she wants more of something she definitely knows to ask for it now and it's the cutest thing. Once or twice she has looked at herself in the mirror and said baby or pretty and looked at my parents dog and said puppy...but I'm just not convinced she wasn't just saying sounds and got it right. #soadvanced. 

2. Peyton stands all on her own and has starting taking little teeny tiny baby steps. It's really clear though that she's just not confident enough to take those big girl steps all on her own. I think she could walk, but she just chooses to spider crawl everywhere. Knees off the ground and butt up in the air...that's how she rolls. 

3. Peyton went to daycare for the first time ever this month! I got hired as a second grade teacher in Marietta City Schools at the beginning of the summer. Shortly after, we began our search for a daycare to bring Peyton to three days a week. After meeting with a few people and talking on the phone to 200 daycare facilities, we finally found the perfect match for Peyton! Last week, I dropped her off for a trial day while I attended some new teacher training and I'm happy to report that everything went perfectly. Peyton was the center of attention with the big kids and was well-loved all day long. Plus, Miss Sarah sent me pictures throughout the day which helped ease my mama-mind. Starting next week, P will be hanging out with Nana on Mondays, Miss Sarah Tuesday-Thursday, and Mimi on Fridays! Lucky girl! 

4. Peyton has EIGHT teeth now and is totally able to munch down on some food! For these last few teeth, she has gotten a really runny nose and slightly fussy, but it hasn't affected her to much and  her sleep has still be great (knock on wood) so we can't complain too much around here! 

Peyton, how are you eleven months old already. You impress your dad and me daily with your new skills and ever-developing personality. You are definitely our wild child and always keep us on our toes. We love you! 

11-Month Photo Dump: