Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Family's in Town!!

Yesterday was a fun day. 

Around 8:30, Rachel and I headed into the airport. I dropped her off at departures, parked, and waited at arrivals for my family! Once I picked them up, we headed straight into Boston since it was such a beautiful day. We parked on Newbury street and walked around a bit before grabbing lunch at Joe's.  

My dad- the paparazzi. 
Sibling bonding! 

When we had had enough, we piled back into the car and headed to Weymouth! The weather yesterday was sweltering hot, so after a short nap we walked down to the pool, where we lounged until the sun began to set. 

After dinner last night (I made a casserole), my parents wanted to celebrate my birthday a month and a half early since we won't be together in August. I opened some AWESOME presents, including a jean jacket, maxi, skirt, and Naked eye shadow palette, and then we had a Boston Cream Pie for dessert! It was delicious!

While eating our pieces of pie, we closed out the night by watching Ted- just to get in the full Boston spirit! It was a wicked awesome night and I'm looking forward to 6 more!


* Ps- Yesterday at lunch, I received a call from an elementary school in Weymouth asking me to come in for an interview on Monday, July 22! I applied for a paraprofessional position there and am SO excited to have the opportunity to interview! Wish me luck!! 


  1. Please tell me your Boston creme pie was from Mike's Pastry!!!

    1. No! It's from a local bakery down the street from us called Pasticcini's! We're saving Mike's for when Saturday, when you're back in town!

  2. I have been playing catch up on your blog:) It is funny to see Joe's. That is actually my mother in law's family's place. And I saw from a later post, you got your job. Congrats! Both of my in laws were teachers for over 30 years, but they were in the city. I love seeing all your posts, I recognize so may things from all my visits.

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying reading my ramblings! We love Joe's- that's awesome that your MIL's family owns the place! And thank you! I'm really excited to start working and pursuing my master's in elementary education!! You'll have to let me know next time you're up here (and I'm not in Raleigh!)

    2. I will do! and I hope you have a great time down here. I am sure your friend knows all the good places to go, but if you have any questions about any places to pop into, let me know...That is what I do after all. It's my business to know all the hidden gems;)haha and do you ever respond via email? When I started my blog, I didn't know you even could, but lots of times if people leave comments and you respond on your blog, they won't see it.