Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shopping and a Trivia Adventure

Yesterday, after lunch, the family and I (minus Ryan who had to work.. boo) took a trip over to the Derby Street shops for the afternoon. We left a couple hours later with an exchanged jean jacket, 3 shirts for Ryan, a book for Jake, a couple shirts for myself and mom, a recipe holder that I want to do something pretty cool with, and my new favorite game, Telestrations. We definitely did some damage, but I can't remember the last time I went shopping with my parents (or Jake) so it was worth it! 

Originally we had plans to grill out with our neighbors, Jenna and Trevor, and then head to trivia, but since we had been out all day, we were not really prepared to grill out and decided to just eat at the restaurant we were playing trivia at! We planned on eating and doing trivia at Main Street Grill, but the air conditioning was broken there so we left and tried a new place, Coop's Bar and Grill in Quincy! It looked a little sketch from the outside but turned out to be a nice place with good food and good trivia! 

We went with the name "Out of Towners" because not one of the 7 of us grew up in MA!

Ryan and Jake acting "cool"

Mom and Dad acting "cool" 

Jenna and Trevor acting normal! 

 Top 4 teams received a prize but we ended up in 5th by 2... TWO points! Oh well, we still had a blast!


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  1. What a great day. We hope you have a blast playing your new board game! - Team Telestrations