Friday, July 19, 2013

The Shipyard, A Grill, and Telestrations

Happy Friday, ya'll! 

Yesterday was another scorcher here in Weymouth! We braved the heat though and ventured to the Hingham Shipyard (pronounced "Shipyahd" in Bostonian) for lunch. We decided to check out the Wahlburg family's restaurant, Wahlburgers, which was delicious! 

We need a photographer to follow us around with a camera so we can get pictures of the 5 of us! 

With full stomachs, we left to walk around the shipyard, admiring the boats and beautifully HOT day!

Ryan left to get back to work and Mom, Dad, Jake, and I went to the Braintree Mall (to get a new Iphone for me and necklace for Mom), Marylou's (for some iced coffee of course), and Whole Foods before heading home! 

Since we went out to eat the night before, we decided to grill out for dinner with Jenna and Trevor. We  The men grilled Jamaican chicken drumsticks, a chicken breast, burgers, potatoes, and vegetables! 

Jenna and Me! 
After dinner, everyone came to our apartment and we played my new favorite game, Telestrations! I had seriously talked this game up to everyone, so I was really nervous people weren't going to find it as fun as I did, but it turned out to be a hit! I seriously recommend everyone go pick up Telestrations for your next game night!

 Overall, it was a great day with family and friends! I hope everyone has a great Friday!



  1. I've never heard of Telestrations! But we are overdue for another game night!

    1. It's seriously so fun!! As soon as y'all get back from Germany we will play for sure!!