Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Honeymoon!!

Hello from the airport!! Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

Ryan and I were supposed to be on our flight to Dayton, OH but due to a very long flight delay we were able to switch to a direct flight to Cincinnati! Cheers to getting to our family an hour early to celebrate the 4th of July! 

Today's recap is all about our Honeymoon! This was by far the hardest wedding related post I've written because every day was a lot of the same: We hung out by the pool, ate a lot, and drank a lot. So bear with me while I TRY to recall as much as I can from this amazing week!

 Ryan and I ventured to Montego Bay, Jamaica for our honeymoon and stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid Resort. We left Sunday morning, after breakfast with our hotel guests, and arrived in Jamaica about midday. Our vacation was 6 nights long, so we didn't leave to come back to GA until December 22nd. 

Sign on our front door!
View from our hotel room balcony! 

Once we got checked in and unpacked, we ventured out to walk around and familiarize ourselves with the resort! Secrets Wild Orchid had two pools, a hot tub, and tons of beach.
The resort also had 10 restaurants (6 for dinner and 4 for lunch) and one was almost ALWAYS open for anyone that was hungry! There were also about 4-5 bars including the swim-up bar which we frequented during the days at the pool!

On the first night, we decided to eat at Blue Mountain, which featured local Jamaican cuisine!
Before dinner on the first night!
 There was some sort of event every single night to entertain guests staying at the resort. Our first night there, the entertainers put on a couples competition, almost exactly like the newlywed game! They chose three couples and asked each person questions while their significant other was outside. Then, they brought the other person back in to see if they would answer the same! It was a pretty entertaining first night!

The pool we spent the most time at! 

On the 2nd night, I believe we ate Bordeaux, which featured French cuisine and was delicious!

After dinner, the resort brought in a Jamaican drum band, which was AWESOME! We sat in some of the lounge chairs, drank the Jamaican specialty drinks (featured below), and listened to the drummer do their thing! Right behind the lounge area, there was a piano bar, which we also frequented! The pianist could play pretty much anything on request and was very entertaining and talented! I think we spent the rest of our 2nd night there.

A picture with some of the drummers! 

On the third morning, the hotel offered a complimentary breakfast in bed! They delivered everything we could possibly need for breakfast (including a bottle of chilled champagne!) straight to the room in the morning and we chose to eat it out on our balcony!

After breakfast, we headed back down to the pool, of course! I've mentioned this already, but the entertainment staff at Secrets was AWESOME. They were so friendly and were always hosting games and events at the pool! While hanging out at the pool on the third day, Ryan and I played Pictionary by the pool!

More drinks!

On the 3rd night, I believe we ate at Himitsu, the Japanese Steakhouse on the property. This was the only restaurant that required reservations so we made sure to make them as soon as we checked in! On our way to dinner, a resort photographer stopped us and asked if we wanted to take a few pictures! We couldn't say no, so we walked down to the beach to snap a couple of pictures during the sunset!

Thank you Mr. Photographer for the awesome pictures (even if they were $15/copy!)
 After dinner, we went to the live event of the night, which happened to be a Jamaican circus. When that was over we headed to the piano bar (surprise!) to finish out the night!

Me and the Pianist!

Random fun facts about our honeymoon: 

I literally can't say enough good things about this resort and would recommend it to anybody! We went December 16-22nd, so everything was decorated for Christmas! There was ALWAYS something to do and we were never, ever bored! 

 There were tons of Peacocks roaming the property and there were even two parrots we hung out with on our last full day there!

Since the resort is all-inclusive, most water activities were free for anybody who wanted to try them, so Ryan and I went snorkeling off the coast one day and kayaking another time!

On the last night, Ryan and I went back to Himitsu (yes, it was that good).
Our last Jamaican sunset of the trip! 

Overall our trip was a blast and we were REALLY sad to leave. This resort was the perfect place to spend our first week as a married couple and we can't wait to go back for an anniversary down the line!


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