Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Pull This String... See What You Find..."

For Lisa's bachelorette gift, I wanted to do something more creative than the usual lingerie gift! I figured While shopping in Target, I came across some SUPER cute underwear and started to formulate a gift idea around them. Here's what I came up with!

I picked up 4 pairs of underwear from Target and 5 pairs of underwear from Victoria's Secret. While I was checking out at Victoria's Secret, I asked for a large bag and some extra tissue paper to wrap the gift with. I also grabbed some ribbon and a gold tag to write my little poem on! 

One by one, using the ribbon, I tied each pair of underwear together, making a chain. I started and ended with a white bridal pair of underwear to make things a little more festive! When I was finished, I had one extra-long chain of underwear! On to the last pair of underwear, I tied a long piece a ribbon and a tag. 

The tag hung out of the bag by the ribbon and read, "Pull this string, see what you find... might be something cute for your little behind!" Lisa would read the tag, pull... and pull.. and pull.. until all 9 pairs of undies were dangling from the bag! 

And there you have it! A super simple and creative way to change up the usual lingerie bachelorette gift! I think Lisa enjoyed opening the gift and I hope she enjoys using it!! 

It's the gift that keeps going... 

And going....

And going!

Happy Bachelorette Party, Lisa!!


  1. That is an awesome idea! I am totally going to do this. Very creative!