Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Pinterest Taught Me: How to Build an Entry Table

Around this time last year, Pinterest gave me a bug. After browsing for a while, I came to the realization that Ryan and I just HAD to build an entry table, even though the townhouse we were living in at the time didn't really even have an entryway. 

I followed the web tutorial almost exactly for the building portion of the project, but we did our own thing with the stain and bottom shelf! The original post can be found here

First, Ryan and I went to Home Depot to pick up the wood we needed. Home Depot even cut the wood to the right lengths for us, which was awesome! 

We enlisted the help of Sean, the only one of us who actually knew what he was doing, and got to work one afternoon! The actual building was done in one afternoon but the sanding, staining, and glazing took a couple days. 

Men at work. 

The finished product! 
Ryan and I sanding and staining well into the night.
Done and drying!
When the table had dried, we added drawer pulls that we picked up at Lowe's. The drawers are just for show and don't actually open, but we thought it added a lot to the overall look of the table! All you have to do is slap 3 1x4's up onto the front of the table and voila! 

I really love looking at this table and thinking, "Man, we made that ourselves!" Plus, the decorating options are endless and I've loved customizing it for every season!

Right after we brought the table upstairs in our old space! 

Happy Fa'll, Ya'll! 

Merry Christmas! 

Summer Decor!
With our new Pottery Barn lantern!! 
There you have it! Lately, to Ryan's dismay, I have caught the building bug again and hope to build our next piece sometime in the near future! Please, Ryan!?!

Hope everyone has a great night!



  1. So cute, Sarah! I think I've even pinned that table DIY. You're a rockstar!

    1. Thanks Jena! It was super easy! You seem like the DIY queen, you could totally make it happen! Loved reading about your desk today!