Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend started with the capture of the remaining man who terrorized the Boston area all week. We stayed in on Friday, watching the news and praying this would all be over soon.

We had plans to go into the city of Saturday for the day and evening but didn't manage to leave our apartment until dinner time. We ended up staying closer to home and checking out a new restaurant in Weymouth called Margarita's.
Date night with Ryan! 
I bet you can guess what my drink of choice was!
Spider Cider Margarita- recommended by a new friend! 

I'm a huge fan of mexican food so I really enjoyed this place but I might have to do some major convincing to get Ryan to go back with me sometime! 

Today, we started the day by going to our new church in Quincy. We are really enjoying this church and community and decided to join a Life Group that meets every Tuesday in Braintree! We're excited to meet some new people! 

After church, the weather was beautiful so we took our bikes out for the first time this year and explored the property we live on! We moved on to a decommissioned naval air base which is being built up into quite the community! It's beautiful out here and we've been dying to check out the old runway, air control towers, and just get out and ride! 

Very old air control tower off the runway! 
 On the way back, I decided to snap a few pictures of the completely renovated areas of the base that we call home! They've only been open for a year, so everything is still a work in progress, but it's beautiful!

All in all, we had a fairly low-key weekend, but it was just what we needed after the stresses last week brought. I believe the city of Boston will be participating in a moment of silence tomorrow at 2:50 (the time of the bombing one week ago) to honor the lives lost or changed forever.

- Sarah 

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  1. So happy you have created another way to help shorten the distance between us. Look forward to these life stories you will share.

    Your Poppa