Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boston Stands as One

Well, this week and weekend flew by! I subbed every day this week except Tuesday and man, it was a crazy week! I was at three different schools and subbed mostly Special Ed this week, so I got a lot of experience with many different age groups. One of the Special Ed classes I covered had children in grades 1-4. I'm sure you can all imagine the insanity that ensued that day! I'm so grateful for this experience but I cannot WAIT to have my own classroom! 

So, onto the weekend! Ryan and I met our new friends Rachel and Chris at the Brewhouse for some drinks Friday night, and besides the crowds, had a really great time! 

We woke up Saturday morning to a BEAUTIFUL day and decided to venture out for a run after breakfast. We didn't stay together on this run, but I covered 2 miles in our neighborhood in the fastest pace i've held in a while! Ryan ran further and then came back and finished my run with me! What a good husband!! 

Red-faced after a good run! 
After our run, we showered up and headed into the city! First stop: Harpoon Brewery! We waited in line for a bit and by the time we got in, almost all of the tours were booked up, so we headed up to the Beer Hall to sample some beer!
 First, we sampled a Summer Flight that had Blueberry beer, Watermelon Beer, and two Summer beer varieties. By the time I thought to take a picture, the beers were almost gone (as seen in the picture below)! After the flight, I had a glass of their Honey Cider, which was really good!

 We left the brewery and headed to Copley Square to pay our respects to the victims of the Marathon Bombing. It was very sobering walking through the memorial and seeing all of the  support this country has given our new city. There were signs made and items sent to Boston from cities all over America, honoring the victims and Boston and it truly was a tragic, yet beautiful sight to see. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here.

On the outside of the memorial in Copley Square

So much love for Sean, Lingzi, Martin, and Krystle.

"Nashville Believes In Boston"

Beautiful tulip garden in Copley Square

Where the first bomb went off, right next to the finish line. Black boards covering spots where the windows used to be.

 This city has so much beauty and character! We're so excited to explore it more during our time here!

Today, Ryan and I went to church, grocery shopped at Trader Joe's (I look forward to this all week!), and did 6 loads of laundry. Not super exciting, but those days are just want I need sometimes.

How was your weekend!?


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