Friday, May 3, 2013

Life Group Success + This Week

On Tuesday evening, Ryan and I ventured to our very first Life Group meeting set up through our new church. We were not sure what to expect and I definitely went into the meeting feeling nervous about the experience and being forced to share before I was ready, but I am SO glad we went and Ryan and I both really had an amazing time!

The evening started with a great Mexican-themed dinner and great "get to know you" conversations! Every week, there is a different theme for food and they said they have never repeated a meal yet! Everyone sitting at the table was so welcoming and we immediately felt comfortable! After dinner, we went around the table and gave prayer requests and prayed together for each other and people in our lives.

After prayer, we moved to the couch to discuss this coming week's sermon and message, which is what we will be doing every week! Overall, it was a completely different experience for me, but everything about this church has been different. I've never had this much fun at church and truly feel like I'm learning so much about myself, my relationships, and God.

This week absolutely flew by! I worked every day this week (!) at FOUR different elementary schools in Weymouth! Again, I am SO grateful for the experience i'm gaining in all of these different classrooms and grades!

Tonight, Rachel, Chris, Ryan and I are going to dinner and the premiere of IRON-MAN 3 in IMAX. I can't wait!

PS- Sorry for the picture-less post! I'll try to be better about documentation!


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