Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Wedding: The Proposal

Ryan and I got engaged November 26, 2011 during half time of the GT/UGA game! 

The Smith's invited me and my parents over to watch the game and we had NO idea what was about to happen! My family had gone to North Carolina to be with the whole family for Thanksgiving and drove back on Saturday morning. We went straight to the Smith's house to watch the big game. 

Now, let's rewind just a bit. While my family was congregated in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, Ryan was with his family picking up my engagement ring among other things. On black friday, Ryan went shopping with his parents for a leather recliner to bring with us to our new home in New Jersey. They shopped all day and narrowed the options down to two, a decent recliner from Macy's and the king of all recliners, a La-Z-Boy. Ryan texted me to discuss the options and tell me he was leaning towards the more expensive La-Z-Boy. I texted him back and told him to get the chair as long as he still had enough money left over for a ring (a comment my aunt had made that I clearly agreed with)! Of course, I wouldn't find out a ring had already been bought until the next day! 

Ryan wasn't sure when and how he wanted to propose until he received that text. He went ahead and purchased the La-Z-Boy and the chair kind of became the center of our proposal! 

So, back to Saturday. Both families are hanging out, eating good food, and watching less than stellar football (Boo Dawgs). Halftime rolls around, and Ryan says he wants me to come down to the basement to see the recliner he decided to go with. We walk down the stairs and in middle of the room sat a brand new La-Z-Boy. Ryan asked me sit down and test it out and while I was sitting, he got down on one knee, in front of both our families, and popped the question! 

Clearly I was shocked here!  

Of course, I said YES, YES, YES! And of course, to celebrate, we went to La Parilla that night!
Celebratory tequila shots with Rachel, Brandon, Ryan, my Dad, and myself!

It was such a joyous and emotional day and I was so glad to have my family, in-laws included, there with us every step of the way! 

Now, stay tuned for the next post in the wedding series!! 


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