Friday, May 24, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Happy Friday ya'll!!

I am SO looking forward to this three day weekend and all the fun things we have planned!!

My weekend started around 11:30 this morning, since I only worked a half-day with some sweet preschoolers. First thing I did to kick off the weekend... get an oil change! My check oil light has been flashing on and off for a week or so now and I was ALMOST due for an oil change so I just decided to get it done a little early. Turns out there was basically 0 oil in my car so I'm glad we got that fixed!

Ryan and I are not quite sure what we're doing tonight. When I asked Ryan he mentioned something about Beer, Dinner, and a Movie. Love that man. Maybe we'll go see the new Hangover movie? Or 42?

Tomorrow, we're doing something I've been looking forward to since we found out we're moving to Boston! We're FINALLY going to a Red Sox game! I can't wait to cheer on my second favorite team @ Fenway!

The game is at 1:35 and we're going with our awesome friends Stephen and Kristen! Pray for decent weather tomorrow so the game isn't delayed or postponed! I CAN'T WAIT!! 

This week is also Museum Appreciation Week, so a lot of (maybe all?) museums in Boston are having free admission. Some point during the weekend, I'm hoping to check out the Museum of Fine Arts! 

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Memorial Day Weekend and remembers the reason for the holiday! 


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