Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Long Weekend In Rochester

So, I know the week is half over, but I just haven't had time to write up a post about our wonderful time with family in New York last weekend, celebrating Tricia and Ashley's graduation!!

Thursday night after work, Ryan and I loaded up the car and headed to Buffalo, an 8ish hour drive! Ryan scheduled to meet with a customer based in Buffalo on Friday morning, so while he worked, I began to study for the 2nd of 3 tests I need to pass for grad school. Mid-afternoon, we left to drive to Rochester and begin our vacation with family!

Saturday, the weather turned out to be beautiful so we drove to the erie canal to walk around and eat lunch!

We ate lunch at Alladins, which was a greek place on the canal and it was DELICIOUS! After lunch, we decided to leave and walk around the Lilac Festival, an annual event, in Rochester. It was absolutely beautiful there and it was such a fun atmosphere! Plus, they had fresh kettle corn which I am obsessed with enjoy! 

We were pretty wiped at the end of the day, so we went back to the Ryan household, heated up some left over pizza, and played a couple rounds of catch phrase before calling it a night. We all had to wake up early to celebrate the real reason we were all there, Tricia and Ashley's graduation!

Here's a few pictures from the big day! We're so proud of you both and can't wait for ya'll to have classrooms of your own soon!
The beautiful Ryan family! 

Happy Mother's day Susan! 

After graduation, we all pigged out on mexican food and then had a fairly low-key evening hanging out with family and watching a couple movies!

We had such a great time visiting and are so glad we got to see some family and help celebrate with ya'll! Can't wait to see everyone again!


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