Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Celebrity Among Us

My entire family is incredibly talented in their own way, but this post is all about my AWESOME cousin, Olivia!

A couple weeks ago, Olivia entered a contest with a company called Sakroots, their website here

Sakroots started a contest and was asking artists to submit a design that would eventually be featured on an entire line within the company!  I'm not sure how many applicants there were, but Olivia was chosen to be a top-ten finalist! The finalist's designs were featured on the Sakroots website, where people were asked to vote for their favorite. Whoever's design received the most votes would win some money, a trip to NYC to visit their studios, and an entire line for ANYONE to purchase! 
Voting was open for a couple weeks and the results came in just a couple days ago! OLIVIA won! Her design, below, will be available on every product (I believe) starting in 2014! I am beyond proud of her and can't wait to rock "Bubble Nest"! 

Isn't her design AWESOME! 

Olivia, you rock and I just know there are going to be amazing things coming your way! I can't wait to celebrate with you soon!

Alright, I'm off to Life Group solo since Ryan is at ANOTHER Red Sox game for work! I'll be back tomorrow with a Wedding Wednesday post! Hope everyone has a great night!


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