Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Shower + Bachelorette Party

The Bridal Shower 

My bridal shower was hosted by my Amazing MOH and best friend, Stephanie, with help from some equally amazing bridesmaids! The event was sunflower themed (they know me so well) and turned out just beautiful! Stephanie pulled together everything so well, from the handmade Bride-to-Be banner, the sunflower cookies and seed-filled terra cotta pots for favors, and the fun "how well do you know your fiance" game! My family and friends really spoiled me and I feel completely blessed to have all of those wonderful people in my life! 

Maid of Honor and BFF EST. 9096 Stephanie 

The spread- minus the awesome sunflower/burlap cake! 

In the basket on the left in the picture above, Stephanie printed out marriage advice cards for people to fill out, which was such a great idea! We got tons of support and insight into married life and will cherish those wise words for years to come! Such a cute idea! Also, in the picture above you can see the sunflower cookies, the bridal shower invite, and the terra cotta pot favors! 
Momma and me! 

Raise your hand if you can see Sarah, the child bride in this picture?! 

The Cake!! 

After everyone ate and hung out for a bit, we began two different games. The first game we played was "How well do you know the bride?" Everyone got a sheet with a bunch of questions about me and my relationship with Ryan to fill out with their best guesses. When we finished playing that game, Stephanie told me she had sent a list of questions to Ryan and I had to try to guess what his answers were. Both games were so fun and creative!

We had an absolute blast and I'm so grateful to have such amazing people in my life! Thanks again to everyone who made my shower so memorable! 

The Bachelorette Party

I won't go into too much detail about my bachelorette party because, well, what happens at a Bachelorette party... stays at a Bachelorette party! I was able to celebrate with my closest friends, Stephanie, Berg, Vida, Lisa, Rachel, and Brittany! We went to a tapas restaurant in Atlanta for dinner, stopped to take a Christmas card picture, went to a rooftop bar, and got denied access at our last stop of the night! Still, I had so much fun celebrating my last nights as a Schoeff with some of my very closest friends! And now for pictures: 

Next Wednesday, I'll move on to the Wedding Day!!


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