Thursday, May 30, 2013

What We Did Memorial Day Weekend: Part 2

Once again, I find myself in need of a study break! I can't wait to get this test over with next Thursday (as long as I pass!) While on my "break", why don't I finish up my recap of our Memorial Day weekend! 


We kept Sunday low-key and slept in a little, until it was time to get up for church! After church, we made our way over to our life group leader's house to help with some springtime yard work! Ryan and the boys hung out in the backyard, tilling the land (I always  feel like i'm singing a country song when I use that phrase), then raking and laying down grass seed. We've gotten a lot of rain this week, so hopefully that grass starts to grow in soon! The ladies went to the front yard to either weed and garden (everyone else) or play with the kids (me). What can I say, I LOVE children! 
After church! 
Jon and Candice were nice enough to supply lunch for everyone at their house and ordered a Chicken and Broccoli pizza and the biggest steak calzone anyone has ever seen. Seriously, the picture just doesn't even do it justice! Everything was delicious though and we will definitely order from there in the future! 

I think Ryan and I were both pretty beat by the time we headed home and decided to relax at home for the night, especially since we knew we were going into Boston again Monday morning for some Memorial Day festivities.


Monday morning, Ryan and I got up and headed in to Boston to meet up with Kristen and Stephen (yay!) and go to the Museum of Fine Arts! It was free admission this weekend, and the line to get in the building was unbelievable!

Luckily, Stephen informed us that there was a side entrance and absolutely NO line to get in there so we were able to just walk right in! 

We saw a lot of cool exhibits while we were there, including a "To Boston With Love" quilt exhibit, where quilt makers around the world created hand-sewn quilt squares with messages of love and peace to Boston. 

The museum was HUGE so I feel like we saw a ton but even close to every exhibit they had to offer.

After the museum and lunch, at a cool place called Flour, we all made our way over to Boston Common where there were 33,000 American flags on display. Each flag represented a Massachusetts servicemember who lost their life in battle from the civil war to present day. It was a breathtakingly haunting sight and was a great place for us to give praise to the people who have fought and are fighting for our freedom every day.

So there you have it. I've officially completed my summary of our Memorial Day weekend. As you can see, there is ALWAYS something to do in New England and we are definitely keeping ourselves busy up here (and loving every minute of it!)

Tonight, our little apartment community is throwing a "Kick-off to Summer" block party so hopefully it will be a great opportunity to finally meet the people we've been living next to for the past 5 months! I hope everyone has a great night!


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