Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Fall Decorating, Ya'll!!

Fall is by far my favorite of the four seasons. When Ryan asked me what I thought about moving to Boston, the first thing I thought about was not only getting to experience all 4 seasons, but more importantly, getting to experience a New England fall. Well that time is here, and let me tell you, the weather has not been disappointing lately! Our windows are open 24/7, the new crock-pot has been getting a workout, and I'm just about ready to pull my boots out of storage! Now, I just hope this weather sticks around for a while before the frigid temps set in!!

In the spirit of this MOST wonderful season, I decided to share with ya'll some of my favorite fall decorations hanging out around our apartment!

Let's start with a DIY project I tackled last fall. I had some burlap laying around and Pinterest told me if I had the right printer I could run the fabric through and print anything I wanted on it! I decided to create what you see below. Once I figured how how to get the printer to recognize the burlap, the project took about 20 seconds! Once the design was printed, I took an orange sharpie to the pumpkin and colored it in for that extra pop!

That little beauty currently sits on this shelf:

Our side table: 
Mmm more burlap! 
TV console: 

Buffet and Hutch:

I had some extra leaves laying around so I stuffed them all into a mason jar and called it a day.

 My favorite decorating spot- the entry table we built:

 I made the wreath below for 3 dollars (minus the S). I bought a twig wreath, a leaf garland, and a fall flower garland for a dollar each from...the dollar store. When I got home, I wrapped the leaf and flower garlands around the twig wreath as many times as possible and then threw the S up in the middle and tied it all to an 11x14 whitewashed open frame! Voila!

Last fall, I also made this burlap banner. I bought a yard of burlap and a bunch of fall-themed scrapbook paper from Joann's. I cut out banner shapes from the burlap and printed block letter outlines onto the back of the scrapbook paper then cut those out as well. Finally, I glued it together and hung each banner piece up to a large piece of twine with a small clothespin. The coolest thing (to me) about this banner is that its reversible! On the other side, I created a christmas-themed banner that spells out "Peaceful". Boom!

Finally, you fall decorations can't be complete until you add some beautiful sunflowers! (Thanks again, Hubby!!)

And there you have it! A quick overview of my favorite fall decorations put out for my favorite time of the year! Happy Fall, Ya'll!! 

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