Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Greenest Place On Earth

Last weekend, Ryan and I, along with the Kehners, trekked up to Vermont for a couple days of exploration and relaxation. Although we left on Friday after work, our trip really started Saturday morning since we got stuck in hours of traffic and got to the bed and breakfast at almost midnight.

**Disclaimer- There are an inordinate amount of pictures with a small amount of writing. If you choose to continue on reading this blog post, consider yourself warned. Enjoy!


View from the front porch at our amazing home for the weekend!
Saturday morning, we woke up to an amazing breakfast cooked by the owners of the bed and breakfast we stayed at (Russell Young Farm Bed and Breakfast- check it out!). We quickly showered and headed out to explore Vermont for the rest of the day. Our first stop was a quaint little farmers market in Waitsfield, Ma, where we picked up some AMAZING pesto. On the way to the farmer's market, we stopped on the side of the road to admire the rolling hills of VT. 

Leaving the B&B

Our next stop took us to the Ben and Jerry's factory, where we got to learn some history on B&J's, tour the factory, and eat quite a bit of ice cream! 

Once we had our fill (if that's possible) of B&J's, we got back in the car and just started driving. On the side of the road, I noticed a sign for apple picking, and we immediately headed that way.

We each picked a peck of apples (say that 10x fast), which is way more than I know what to do with, but I'm excited to figure it out! The farm also had a couple hungry horses hanging (again...say that 10x fast) around who we fed quite a few apples to in exchange for a couple pictures.

After apple picking, we made a quick stop at the Cabot Creamery to pick up some cheese and VT wine before heading to our last location of the afternoon. Ryan had researched a small waterfall nearby that he wanted to explore so we made our way there next, passing some covered bridges along the way.

For dinner, we headed to Bristol, VT, where we ate at a restaurant called ND's. It wasn't really anything exciting and our food took FOREVER to come out.. but hey, at least the company was good! The rest of the night was spent sipping wine and playing Yahtzee back at the B&B.


Again, Sunday we woke up to another delicious breakfast. Unfortunately, we had to check out after and say goodbye to our beautiful farm for the weekend. Before we left, I walked around the property and snapped a few pictures.

Oh yeah, did I mention the farm had two Alpacas (named Moose and Max), some ducks, chickens, and a horse or two? 

On the way home, we stopped a few more times: to look at a couple more ancient covered bridges, to explore a maple farm, and to check out the Vermont Country Store. 

At the Maple Farm 
My favorite covered bridge! 

We had an absolutely amazing time exploring Vermont, which seriously moved up the list of my favorite states. Everything about the area we stayed was beautiful and I can't wait to explore the countryside in the wintertime!

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  1. We love Vermont. We stayed for a week in Stowe and a week in the Woodstock area. We went to the same waterfall and the covered bridge is one I used to have as my profile pic. I am surprised they still have cheese left at Cabot after our visit;) that b and b looks awesome. Glad you had a great time!