Monday, January 20, 2014

The Weekend of Games

This weekend was jam-packed with fun events and celebrations with friends!
On Saturday night, Ryan and I hosted our Life Group, along with our great friends, Kristen and Stephen, for a game night. Everyone came over around 6:30-7 with their favorite games and appetizers. After chowing down for a while, we split up into groups and played Telestrations, Scattergories, and Pictionary. It was so fun to have everyone over and just get to know the amazing people that make up our Life Group a little better.

How many girls can we fit on the couch?!
Sunday morning started out surprisingly snowy.  After church, Ryan and I had couple of errands to run before stopping for lunch at D'Angelo's,

Sunday afternoon, I attended a baby shower for a good friend, Rachel, who is having her 2nd little girl in a couple of weeks! Although I had to leave a little early since we had company at home, it was so fun to help celebrate their growing family and spend time with more good friends! (I'm telling you, we have made some amazing friends in New England! SO blessed!)

The patriots played yesterday afternoon and after some serious convincing, we FINALLY got Eliot and Lauren to come out and watch the game with us! Even though the game didn't end the way anyone wanted it to, we still had great company. There is never a dull moment when the four of us are together! While watching the game, a Domino's commercial came on, informing us that every pizza was 50% off if you ordered online. Figuring that pizza would be a great way to help drown our sorrows from the game, we ordered a couple varieties and proceeded to play Dutch Blitz and Euchre for the rest of the evening.  

Although our weekend shenanigans may not translate into the most interesting of blog posts, we truly had a blast spending time with our friends this weekend.

Happy MLK jr. Day, ya'll!


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