Monday, February 17, 2014

Quarter Century Celebration

On February 16th, my wonderful husband celebrated his 25th birthday. Which means he is officially 1/4 of the way to 100. Clearly, we wanted to celebrate this momentus occasion in style! Lucky for Ryan, his birthday weekend happened to start on Valentine's Day, so he got to share his time with love. We spent the evening at a new-to-us restaurant in Braintree, called Campanales, which was FANTASTIC.  Local friends, go there.

Lucky Me!

Saturday, we had plans to spend the night in Brighton to celebrate his big day with Eliot and Lauren. We were expecting a big blizzard, so Ryan and I headed out around lunch time. When we got there, we immediately popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate Eliot and Lauren's ENGAGEMENT! They called to tell us their big news on Friday evening, so we had much to cheers to...all day Saturday..! The rest of the night Saturday night was spent eating, drinking, breaking out into random dance parties, and walking through the "blizzard" to a local bar down the street to bring in Ryan's birthday in style. We seriously love those two so much and are thrilled we got to help celebrate their engagement and Ry's birthday together!

Told you we broke out into random dance parties!
The "Still 24 year olds!"
Last night, for Ryan's birthday we met up with Rachel, Chris, Ashley, and Tim at the movie theater to watch Lone Survivor, which was extremely intense, eye-opening, and sad. We closed out the night and the birthday with a late dinner at Hingham Beer Works! We get more of Rachel and Chris tonight and get to see our northern family tonight for dinner though which we're really looking forward to!

Ryan with his 25 birthday presents- one for every year of his life!
Overall, we had a fantastic weekend and really enjoyed the celebrations with our wonderful friends up north. Happy President's day, y'all!

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