Tuesday, July 1, 2014

101 in 1001 #47- Tory Row 5K

(So, I started writing this post yesterday when all of a sudden the entire layout of my blog disappeared. I had to start from scratch and like 12 hours later, I finally reached a point where I could present a new post on the new layout. Hope ya'll like it!)

Early last week, our friend Lauren (better known as Berg or Bergie) sent Ryan and I a text message asking if we were interested in running a 5k on Sunday as a part of team Long Trail. Long Trail, for you southerners is a Vermont-based craft beer company that makes some pretty awesome beers! They were one of the sponsors of the Tory Row 5k so when we found this out, of course we were in!

The race events started Friday evening with a bib pick-up party at Tory Row in Harvard Square. When we got there, Ryan and I picked up our race bib, along with a drawstring bag, t-shirt, and water bottle all courtesy of Tory Row. On top of all that, we got a ticket for a free drink and a bacon and spinach flatbread. Seriously, such a good deal since the race only cost $40 and some proceeds went to two different charities in the area. Thanks TR!

Since we were already in the city, we decided to spend the rest of the night hanging out with Eliot and Lauren. Our night brought us to the Playwright in South Boston, where Lauren was hosting a pint night for Long Trail, followed by a trip to Seaport for drinks at the Atlantic Beer Garden. Bergpot ended up coming back out to Weymouth with us at the end of the night since Ryan and Eliot were planning on playing some tennis nearby the next morning.

Saturday morning, we woke up and walked to Uncle Charlie's for breakfast, where we got some pretty funny stares due to these two goobers below:

Lookin' Fine... 
The night before the race, Ryan and I found ourselves BACK in Boston in order to save ourselves the drive early Sunday morning. We went out to Market to celebrate Lauren's good friend Heather's birthday until about 1 before deciding it would probably be a good idea to get some rest before the run!

As you can see, by this point our weekend had already been pretty jam-packed with late nights, drinks, and entertainment. Sunday morning, we all woke up feeling a little sluggish but ready to run! We got to the starting line with time to stretch before the race began at 9:30 sharp.

Before I knew it, it was time to start running! If you know me well, you know that I am NOT a very good runner. It just never came easy to me (probably because I spent the majority of my life in the water... I'm like a living example of "fish out of water"). My goal for the race was to run the entire time and finish under 35 minutes.

The course was pretty decent, with only one of two hills and the race was over before I knew it! I crossed the finish line at around the 33 minute mark, which I was happy with. I ended up running my first mile WAY too fast which hit me around the mile and a half mark! Oh well!

Almost immediately after finishing the race there was a Long Trail Summer Ale in my hand, which was the perfect way to end the event! Seriously, if any of you readers like to drink (free) beer, this is the event for you!! So. Much. Fun.

Thanks again for the invite, Lauren!!

While we're on the topic of fitness goals, I am finally able to cross another thing off of my 101 list as of this morning! Last week I purchased a groupon for 5 yoga classes at Dancing Crow Yoga Studio in Hingham. I cashed the first one in today, where I took a beginners foundation class and LOVED it! I'm so excited to start a new (albeit expensive) practice! 

Happy Tuesday! 

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