Thursday, September 25, 2014

101 in 1001: Go To A Concert at the TD Garden

Last Monday (Better late than never on getting this post up, right?!?), Ryan and I were privileged enough to be able to take one of his customers to an Eagles concert at the Garden. This just so happened to be one of my 101 list items, which I can now HAPPILY cross off!

After work on Monday, Ryan and I hopped in the car and made the drive in to Boston with surprisingly minimal traffic. We parked at the Garden lot and walked about half a mile over to the North End, where we were meeting Ryan's customer and wife for dinner. We ended up eating at a new-to-us place called L'Osteria, which came highly recommended by the other couple. I am very happy to report that dinner definitely did not disappoint! With full bellies, we made our way back over to the Garden to find our seats and enjoy some music from one of America's legendary bands!

We didn't know this before we arrived, but the concert was basically a timeline of the history of the Eagles. The show started out with just Don Henley and Glen Frey sitting on stools, playing some of their first songs while giving commentary of how the rest of the group formed. One by one, Tim Schmit and Joe Walsh walked on stage, along with some other guys that played with the band but weren't credited members.

So you'll have to excuse the quality of these pictures... We weren't allowed to bring cameras into the venue or take pictures on our phones, so all of these pictures were pretty much taken while trying to hide my phone from the guards standing by! Not the best but you get the gist! Our seats were awesome and the music was awesomer (that's totally a word...right?!) 

The Eagles played pretty much every song of theirs that has even been popular plus a couple other songs that I assume were from their newest album released in 2007. The best part of the concert though was seeing each individual personality come out. I mean, they are all so different and each got to lead a section of the concert. Joe Walsh is a freakin' riot! Although, it's pretty evident that he has taken a drug or two in his day....

Packed House!

All in all, I can't think of a cooler band to see perform at the Garden! Not only did we get to listen to some AWESOME music all night long, but now I get to cross another item off of my list! Win and win!
Happy Thursday Night, Ya'll!! Friday is on it's way!!

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