Thursday, October 2, 2014

The One Where The In-Laws Come to Town: Pt. 1

Hello Hello!! I know this is super late, seeing as we're going into weekend #3 of visitors up in Boston... but better late than never again, right? (Clearly I have not been very timely with my blog updates, but such is life.)

Anywho, a couple of Saturday's ago, Ryan and I drove in to Logan Airport to pick up Ryan's mom, Susan, and Aunt Jane for a long weekend of fun! As soon as we had our visitors in tow, we drove straight to Newbery Street for some lunch and shopping. We decided to eat lunch at Joe's on Newbury before walking up and down the street, checking out a couple shops and enjoying the beautiful weather. Once we had our fill of Newbury, we got back into the car and drove over to Quincy Market area. Around 4, we stopped in to the Red Barn Cafe for some afternoon coffee to take with us while we did some souvenir shopping in the area. Since the day had started pretty early for our guests, we decided to head back to the apartment fairly early to change into some comfy clothes, relax on the couch, order some pizza, and watch a movie before calling it a night.

In Quincy Market!
On Sunday morning, we woke up, ate a little breakfast, and headed to church in Quincy. After church, we made the short(ish) trip to Salem to explore the Massachusetts town known for killing off "witches" way back when. Neither Ryan nor I had ever been to Salem so this was a new experience for all of us! We showed  up in the town with empty stomachs, so our first order of business was getting some lunch. We walked around for a little bit before settling on Murphy's Pub (I swear we were in MA not Ireland!!). After lunch, we walked over to the Witch House to take a little tour of the former house of one of the judges in the Salem Witch Trials.

Also in Salem, we walked around a very, very old graveyard which would be very cool/creepy during the Halloween season. Actually the whole town would probably get pretty creepy for the entire month of October. We also searched high and low for the PERFECT souvenir for Aunt Jane to take home to Beth...with little luck. However, our search did bring us to some pretty interesting stores. One of them housed a real-life "witch" who had an alter set up in her store (which was full of potions and spells and other nonsense) to send messages and cigarettes to the dead, because apparently once a smoker always a smoker....


While Salem is known for some pretty messed up stuff, they really seemed to embrace their history. There were people all over the place dressing the part. However creepy the overall feel of the town was, we still really enjoyed our little visit and the areas we walked around were pretty cute! We would definitely go back at some point. Just not in October. I am not into the whole scare-the-bejeebers out of yourself activities.

On Monday, Ryan and I unfortunately needed to work, so Susan and Aunt Jane spent the day entertaining themselves around Weymouth. Shortly after I got home (to a pot roast cooking in the crock pot and an apple pie chilling on a rack- seriously love having mom's around!!) , the four of us headed to the shipyard to enjoy the beautiful weather and walk around for a bit.


We walked around the docks, Old Navy, and a couple other areas before heading back to the apartment to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal  and apple pie. We spent the remainder of the night hanging out and playing cards!

We had an absolutely wonderful time visiting with Susan and Aunt Jane and feel so blessed that they were able to get out here to spend a couple of days with us!! Miss you guys and can't wait to see everyone again around Christmas time!!

Tomorrow we get new guests for the weekend! Happy Friday, ya'll!!


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