Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Traditions

Happy Halloween Eve!

I've unfortunately been closing out the month of October with a pretty nasty virus that has somewhat decommissioned me these past few days. I've done a whole lot of couch-laying and channel-surfing, but am finally feeling like the worst of this thing may be behind me!

With that being said...I cannot believe that tomorrow is Halloween and Saturday is the first day in November... where is this fall going?! I mean, we've already got a chance of snow in our ten-day forecast! Take it easy, November!

Before we're knee-deep in snow , Ryan and I have been trying to make the most of this beautiful New England fall. To honor Throwback Thursday today, I'm taking it back to our apple picking excursion from a couple of weekends ago.
One beautiful Saturday morning, Ryan and I, along with a group of our friends, caravanned our way up to Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, Ma. We had heard pretty great things about this particular orchard, so our hopes were pretty high. And let me just say that this place did not disappoint.

We didn't know when we planned this trip that we were going on the last day that apple-picking would be open for the year. To say that the pickings were slim would be an understatement. There were 5 times more apples on the ground around the trees than there were actually in the trees. And the apples that were still pick-able were perched as high up in the tree as they possibly could be. While some may have accepted defeat and headed to the gift shop to collect their pre-picked, pre-bagged apples, we took the harder way out, grabbing the rickety old ladders and climbing our way through the trees to some pretty delicious looking (and tasting) apples.

For an added challenge, Ryan and Corey took it upon themselves to hoist each other up. Ladder schmadder. #Division1ApplePickers

Once our bags were full, we hopped on the hayride to the other side of the orchard for some fresh and warm apple cider doughnuts.

We spent the rest of our time wandering around the orchard, checking out the resident goats, sheep, chickens, and pigs before deciding to pack it in and head back towards home. 

Another apple pick is in the books! Happy Fall and Happy Halloween, ya'll! 

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