Monday, November 3, 2014

November Goals

Holy Cow. I cannot believe that it's November already. It's blowing my mind how quickly this fall is going and how close the holidays are getting. I'm feeling my work load at school lighten, which has motivated me to take on some new challenges this month. I really enjoyed setting goals for myself this past June, and blogging about them seemed to help hold me accountable throughout the month. On Saturday morning, I wrote down four goals I hope to accomplish by the end of the month that I would like to share with ya'll now!

1. Take 3 fitness classes every week.
Right after we got back from our trip to Ireland, I joined a gym with my friends Heidi and Janelle. I have been going fairly consistently since then and have noticed a huge difference in my energy and stress levels. However, now that it's getting dark earlier (like 4:30 early WAH!) I just know I am going to need more motivation to get my butt to the gym on a regular basis. I am hoping that by setting this goal AND blogging about it, I will feel more accountability to maintain this goal for the entire month.

2. Read a new book not related to Grad School.
I've been doing a LOT of reading these last few months, but it has all revolved around teaching children to read. While this is a topic I am interested in, I have put aside my long list of free readings books from this summer for far too long. This month, my goal is to finally tackle that list, reading at least one book.

3. Finish my Christmas shopping.
This is probably going to be the biggest challenge of the month. I am going to have a lot going on in December and I would feel much better about that knowing I don't have to fight mass crowds to get my Christmas gifts for family and friends. Plus, wrapping every gift takes me about a month anyways so I might as well get shopping out of the way early!

4. Complete a Christmas DIY.
My craft Pinterest board has been overflowing lately with fun DIY's that would spice up our Christmas decorations this year. Plus, I picked up a couple rolls of burlap ribbon from a random bin at the Dollar Store last week and I've been dying to use it. So a Christmas DIY is a must this month!

Well, we'll see how this shakes out, right?!

Happy November everyone!

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