Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friendsgiving x2

Happy Thanksgiving week, ya'll! We're two days away from Turkey Day but Ryan and I already have two Friendsgiving feasts in the books. Do we have some fun friends or what?!?

We kicked off the Thanksgiving festivities on Saturday night. Our friends Rachel and James hosted a big group of their friends and graciously extended the offer to attend our way as well. The spread was unbelievable and we had a great time with some wonderful people. For my contribution to the meal, I made this sweet potato casserole and this pecan pie- both Thanksgiving favorites and MUSTS for the season!

Friendsgiving Numero Dos came on Sunday. Eliot and Lauren drove down from Brighton to spend the day with us, watch some football, and share a feast together. They came over around 1 to watch the Patriots game. But, since that was pretty much a blow out, we decided to step away from the TV for a little while and headed out to the runway for some outdoor activities (Plus, we had stuffed our faces with chips and dip and needed to work some of it off to make room for dinner!). Ryan and Eliot brought the football and frisbee to throw around while Lauren and I went for a quick run to the end of the runway and back. After getting a quick workout in, we came back to the apartment to finish cooking and eat dinner. For this dinner, I made a turkey breast in the crock-pot, mashed potatoes, and an apple pie (yay for crossing things off my 101 list!) Lauren made a delicious green bean casserole and a spinach artichoke dip. The turkey breast turned out great and was SUPER easy. Look for a recipe soon!

They were the best of friends.... 

To go with dinner, I made an Apple Pie Sangria...which I will be making again and again (especially at the cabin this weekend!) In the pitcher, I put a bottle of pinot grigio, caramel apple vodka, apple cider, and chopped apples. SO. GOOD. 

Eliot and Lauren ended up spending the night so we spent the rest of the night hanging out, ultimately deciding to watch our first Christmas movie of the season, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Classic. And yes... it is pretty much Christmas time in the Smith household. Don't judge me. 

Tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn, Ryan and I will be loading up the car and hitting the road for Luray, Virginia to meet my parents, Ryan's parents, and Jake and Colee. I'm literally counting down the hours until we're all reunited for a weekend of fun. 

I'm off to finish packing! Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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