Thursday, March 12, 2015

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 weeks! 

Total weight gain: 10 lbs. 

Gender: Don't know yet. We scheduled the ultrasound for two weeks from today though! 

Baby is the size of a(n)...: Avocado! 

Maternity clothes? All day, every day. I can fit into all of my tops still, but maternity bottoms (leggings) are much more comfortable. 

Best moment this week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat at our 16 week appointment this afternoon! The doctor said it's strong and she could tell that the baby was moving all over the place in there!   

Worst Moment this week: This is a toss-up between having to go to urgent care for bronchitis on Monday and saying goodbye to Jake and Colee at the airport on Wednesday. Neither were very fun.  
Miss Anything? Sushi. 

Cravings: Pears. Give me all the pears. And ice cream. 

Symptoms: NO MORE NAUSEA!! WOO! I don't think I've really had any pregnancy symptoms besides little aches and pains every once in a while. I have however had a ridiculous cough and congestion that has kept me up most nights. 

Looking forward to: The weekend!! This week seemed to fly by so I'm definitely looking forward to a restful, but fun weekend! 

I'll be back later with a recap from our visit with our most recent houseguests!!! 

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