Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's In My Hospital Bag

I'm posting this for two reasons. 1. I don't want to forget what I packed so I can determine what I truly need for next time (God willing). and 2. I want to know if I'm forgetting anything. Please feel free to chime in if you think I need something extra or really don't need something I packed!

Since I have 25 days until my due date (Holy Crap....less than one month?!?!), I really want to make sure this little bag is packed with anything I might possibly need during my hospital stay. I've always been a pretty good packer (except that one time I forgot our passports on the way to Aruba...)  and can efficiently pack myself and Ryan up for trips if necessary. However, I have never packed for this kind of trip and for a tiny human I have never met outside of my body. I did a ton of research and compiled one big list of EVERYTHING I could possibly need during my hospital stay. Then, I slowly started gathering these things and storing them in my awesome new bag from Brad and Susan!

So...let's take a look at what's packed, shall we?!

In the Bag for Me: 
  • 1 pair of slippers 
  • 2 nursing bras 
  • 1 nursing tank
  • 1 nightgown and robe 
  • 1 pair of lounge pants 
  • cell phone charger 
  • camera and charger (not pictured) 
  • change for the vending machines (for after delivery) 
  • mints and gum- I heard that hospitals can be very dry and hard candies are a good way to keep your mouth from getting too dry? I happened to have these mints already and decided to throw them in just in case that's true. 
  • toiletries bag- in this bag inside a bag, I have lotion, a toothbrush for me and for Ryan, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, chapstick, and hair ties. 

In the Bag for the Baby: 

  •  1 blanket 
  • 2 swaddle blankets 
  • 2 going home outfits- because Mama is indecisive. 
  • mittens 
  • 1 pair of socks 
  • 2 hair bows 
The hospital does newborn photography right after the baby is born, so I wanted to have a couple of her personal items from home to be able to put her in during our stay. 

The hospital bag is sitting in the nursery just waiting to be grabbed on the go! 

Now please tell me... is there anything I'm forgetting?! 


  1. How about a book?


  2. Okay, so I added a few things to mine based on your list. Here are a few things you don't have that I saw on a list and thought might be a good idea: nipple cream (maybe the hospital has this?? I don't know), flip flops (additional to slippers), and then someone suggested bringing a baby book or something like that in case the hospital does a footprint and asks you if you have something to put it on. I thought that was an interesting suggestion!