Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our New Englanders In Town

This past week, Rachel and Chris flew in for their winter break to spend some time with us. We had a blast showing them around town and making up for lost time. This was Rach's second visit to Georgia. She first came to visit when Peyton was just a few weeks old and I had all these big plans for her time her. However, sleep got the better of me that trip and we mostly spent our time together snuggling the baby and hanging out on the couch. Whoops. This time, however, we were all better rested and ready to take on the city together!

Our friends flew in Monday evening, so I headed to the airport to get them while Ryan finished up at the office. We all met back at the house and spent our first night together catching up over bowls of chili I had made in the crock pot.

Tuesday happened to be Ryan's birthday. While Ryan worked (boo), the four of us went out to lunch at Chick-fil-a. It was Chris's first time and I'm pretty sure he walked away a fan. After lunch, we drove around Kennesaw checking out the area surrounding our potentially new house. (**Side note: Ryan and I went house hunting for the first time two weeks ago after receiving a message from our landlords stating that they were looking to sell their house. We weren't expecting to actually like anything enough to consider putting an offer down. But, we did, and we ended up putting an offer on the house a couple of days ago.) Later that evening, Chris, Rachel, Peyton, and I met Ryan and Jake at the Butcher and Bottle in Canton for Ryan's birthday dinner.

On Wednesday, Ryan had to work again, so the four of us decided to walk around the outlet mall after Peyton's nap. We ate lunch at Taqueria Tsunami before Rachel decided Peyton NEEDED her first Kate Spade item and got her  her very own key chain. We're raising a princess over here, ya'll!
Wednesday evening, we ordered take-out from La Parilla and spent the night playing Exploding Kittens. This is seriously my new favorite game. It's SO fun and hilarious too! We drank too much and stayed up too late, but we had a blast and definitely made some good memories. Luckily, Ryan took Thursday off, so he didn't have to go into work hung over!

 Thursday,  we met Ryan's parents and our realtor back over at the house we were interested in to check it out and do another walk-through before putting an offer in. Afterwards, we drove into Atlanta to grab lunch and walk around Ponce City Market before doing a brewery tour at Sweetwater. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to walk the beltline for a little while. Around 4, we were pretty much done at the market but still had an hour and a half to kill before the brewery tours started, so we decided to just head back towards Canton and stop at Reformation Brewery instead. We love this brewery and have been a handful of times with Peyton. #bestparentsever

We hung out at the brewery until they closed, ordering pizza from Papa John's to go with our beers! We couldn't finish our tickets in time, so we traded them in for a six pack of Stark and a 22 oz bottle of Cadence! Win! Back at the house, we put Peyton to bed and played a couple more rounds of Exploding Kittens before calling it a night.

The kind of crazy stuff that happens when you drink too much. Sorry P for reenacting your birth six months later! 
Friday morning, I sadly drove our friends back to the airport and said our goodbyes. This was such a wonderful trip and we feel so blessed to have found them in Boston, even if Chris didn't want to meet us for pizzer and beahs on our first double date. We love you guys and are looking forward to our trip up in April!!

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