Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seagrove Beach 2016

I feel like it's been a LIFETIME since our last vacation. We were supposed to travel to Boston in April to visit our friends (that we left behind ONE year ago today), but with the timing of our first house purchase, it just didn't work out. Now that we're getting settled into our first home, we can finally start participating in family vacations again! So far for the remainder of the year we have trips to Miami (just Peyton and me) for Memorial Day, Boston in June, Indiana in July, and Boston again in Sept/Oct. 

Now, backing up a little bit... 

This past Friday after work, Ryan, Peyton, and I loaded up the car and made the 6 hour drive down to Seagrove Beach, FL for a few days of fun in the sun with the Smith/Owens clan! Peyton went to the beach for the first time back in October, but she has clearly changed SO much since then, so it was super exciting to watch her take in the ocean and the sand for pretty much the first time all over again! 
How P spent her first beach trip. 
The weather was perfect the entire time we were there. On our first full day, we spent a couple hours on the beach before showering up and heading to Grayton Beer Brewery to celebrate Brad's birthday! Brandon and Rachel had a covered inflatable baby pool that Peyton enjoyed immensely! So much so that I actually bought one to take to Miami in a few weeks! That girl beaches in style! 

Peyton wishing Pop a happy birthday!!

After the brewery, we went to dinner down the street then back to our condo to put the girls to bed and play Cards Against Humanity. This game has yet to disappoint and we spent most of the night trying to stifle our laughter as much as possible so as not to wake the babes. I won't go into detail as to the reason for our laughter though. You're welcome.

Day two at the beach was Mother's Day and I feel totally spoiled getting to spend my first Mother's Day at the beach with my little family! Peyton spoiled me with a new pair of Rainbow's and a framed picture of her and her dada! Thanks, little girl!

Peyton loved the sand. I was shocked because my only experience with babies and sand is from my niece Leah, who's hell is the beach pretty much. P took her sand burial like a champ though, and I'm pretty sure tried to eat her way out of the hole. Sand is not for eating, sweetheart!

For Mother's Day dinner, the group made a reservation at the 30A cafe, where we got BOGO entrees! After dinner, we drove down to Seaside for some family pictures on the beach. Before coming on this trip, Rachel and I researched photographers in the area to see if we could book one for a night on the beach. However, we couldn't find a single photographer that seemed to be reasonably priced, so we took it upon ourselves to get some good family pictures. I'm so glad we didn't pay anyone, because I think our pictures turned out just as good!

Before this next picture, there were about 50 pictures of Leah screaming and crying that I chose to omit. I'm telling you...sand is not her friend, ya'll! Eventually we were able to coax a smile out of her though (chocolate is a powerful tool) and got a couple sweet mom and daughter pictures!

On our last full day, we spent the whole day on the beach all the way through dinner time and a beautiful sunset! Susan got steamed shrimp from Goatfeathers and we feasted, hanging out on the beach until it was dark outside.

Monday night, the old folks left as we were putting the girls to bed since everyone was getting up early for a fishing excursion the next morning. Brandon, Rachel, Ryan, and I stayed up a little bit later playing Rummy 500 and Spades before calling it a night.

We had a truly wonderful, yet way too short, time at the beach this spring! Thank you Smith family for making it happen and including the three of us!

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