Monday, May 23, 2016

Peyton Eve: Nine Months

Nine Months, ya'll. 40 weeks. My baby has been out in the world for as long as she grew inside me and I can't even believe it. Except I can. Because what was life like before she was here, anyways?

Peyton had her 9 month check up at the Pediatrician's this morning. She is currently wearing 6-12 month clothes, meaning she can fit into anything from 6 month through 12 month depending on the fit and company. We just upgraded her to size 3 diapers too in the hopes that she would stop wetting the sheets during her 12 hour sleep at night (and blowing out her diaper in her car seat...yes this is still a thing.)

Peyton at NINE months:

Weight: 17 lbs. 2 oz. (29th percentile)
Birth: 6 lbs. 10 oz.
Height: 28 inches (63rd percentile)
Birth: 19 inches 
Head: 17.75 inches (82nd percentile) 
Birth: 13.25 inches 

Dr. Strauss thinks Peyton is growing and developing well which is such a relief for this mama! P only got one shot this morning (and a little prick in the finger) and she totally handled them like a champ. So not her mother's daughter in that regard! 

Peyton Loves:
Pulling herself up on everything
Feeding herself
Pretty much anything she can do independently
Being outside
Baby Einstein videos 
The water table 

Peyton Hates: 
Red Meat
Tomato-based baby foods
Doing the same thing for an extended period of time 
Being held by strangers 

What's New this Month:

1. Peyton got her two top teeth this month! They're just starting to pop through and not at the same time so she has a funky snaggletooth thing going on, but it's just adorable! She has loved having these top teeth though and pretty much only wants to eat when the food is chopped up and put on her high chair tray for her to grab and chew herself. Purees are definitely becoming a thing of the past! Also, as of yesterday, a fifth tooth is popping through just to the left of her two top teeth! 

2. One night early in the month, P woke up around 4 a.m. and was completely inconsolable. I tried to nurse her but she wasn't having it. After two hours of comforting her, we gave her some infant Tylenol and rocked her back to sleep. That morning when she woke up, I tried to nurse her like I always do, but again, she wasn't having it. Ever since then, she has refused to breastfeed and only drinks her milk out of a bottle. I'm not sure if she was having teething pain that caused her to go on a nursing strike or if she was just over it, but whatever the reason, we are officially done breastfeeding. I now pump twice a day, but am in the long process of weening myself down.

3. We took P to the beach this month for the second time. The first time we took her, she was only 2 months old and still pretty much slept through the entire thing. This time, however, was much different! She loved playing in the sand, watching the waves come in, and splashing around in her own beachfront kiddy pool! I'm not surprised though because this girl LOVES anything outdoor activity.

4. Purees are totally a thing of the past these days. This girl wants nothing to do with food unless it's something she can grab and feed to herself. I'm starting to try to make dinners for Ryan and myself that Peyton can eat parts of too to experiment with different foods for her and to cut down on prep work in the kitchen. So far, she likes pretty much everything except my spaghetti and meatballs. Which is like one of the most time consuming things I make. Why do I even try?! 

5. P loves to wave, high-five, smile with a scrunched nose and squinty eyes, and talk loudly. Very loudly. Her personality is so huge and she is always the center of everyone's attention wherever we go! We're working on expanding her little bag of tricks though so be on the lookout for kiss blowing and clapping next month!

Peyton, you are 9 months old!! How did that happen?! I feel like I blink and you're another month older. Every morning, I feel like you wake up with a new skill. We love watching you grow and learn new things each month. You're the silliest, sweetest little girl I know and we're so lucky to call you ours. We love you, P! 

Nine Month Photo Dump: 

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  1. Awww! She's so cute. So odd about the nursing strike. I'm sorry! I hope you are feeling okay about it being done that suddenly. I'm jealous she will keep her headbands on. They are adorable!