Friday, June 17, 2016

Catch Up and a Mini House Tour!

**Disclaimer: this post is SUPER SUPER all over the place. Kind of like my brain these days. Consider yourselves warned. 

Ya'll. I'm not going to lie. Blogging is just NOT on my mind these days. About 10 million things ARE on my mind, but blogging just isn't one of them. Luckily, I have been able to keep up with Peyton's monthly posts though (10 months coming soon- I can't even.) #priorities There are so many things I've been meaning to document, but time is just flying by, and when I do find the time to crack open the ancient macbook, it's usually to create something for my new classroom. 

Oh, wait.... I haven't mentioned that here yet. A couple weeks ago, I was hired as a second grade teacher in Marietta City Schools. I am beyond excited to work at this school and with the second grade team. I've been in my new classroom a few times this summer so far, but have a long ways to go before I feel confident in welcoming my first students in August! 

sneak peak of my classroom! 

So, what else is new? 

Peyton's First Flight! 
Recently, my mom and I took Peyton on her first flight to Miami to visit some family. We stayed at Margaritaville on Hollywood Beach. Peyton did just about as good as I could have hoped for on her first flight. She drank her bottle during take off and passed out on my chest, sleeping soundly until the wheels literally hit the ground in Miami, startling her awake. While she may have slept well on the plane, her naps and nighttime sleep was very hit or miss during this trip. Almost every picture I took of her, she is rocking purple puffs under her eyes. Poor thing was more than ready to get back to her own crib after a few days. We loved spending time with my Grandma, Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Steve, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Elisa, Michelle, Chase, and Riley though! 

On the Home Front: 

We've officially been in our house for over a month now. It 100% feels like our HOME now and we're loving all the new space we have. There is still a mile-long list of things we want to change or buy for the house, but that'll all come in due time. In the meantime, our formal living room doubles as a furniture-less office for me, and there are stacks of school supplies, books, and crafts I'm organizing for my classroom on any given day. I'll finish this super random post with a couple of pictures of our new house and the progress we've made over the past month! 

Right after we moved in...  
After adding a bed liner to the front! 

 The house as of today:

There you have it! We still have a lot we want to do, but are so thrilled that we found this house and made it ours. I get so excited thinking about watching Peyton grow up here!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. I love all the space you have! Your house is beautiful. And glad P did so well on the flight! R and I went to Illinois a few weekends ago, and she basically did the same thing--fell asleep during takeoff and woke up when we landed. Yay!