Friday, October 25, 2013

A Boston Tourist No Longer

While I will ALWAYS consider myself a southern girl, I think Ryan and I have settled in nicely to the New England lifestyle for now. Every time our friends and family come to visit us, we've gotten the opportunity to explore our new area a little further and I fall more in love with this city (especially this time of year- ask me in a couple months when I'm literally knee deep in snow and I might have a different answer.) Anyways, my in-laws, Brad and Susan, were in town last week and, once again, we got to show off Boston!

After playing tour guide a few times, I really think we have our itinerary down! We started our Boston tour with Brad and Susan on Wednesday night when we took them into Quincy Market. We walked around the area a bit before choosing to eat dinner at Bell in Hand- the oldest tavern in America! Believe it or not, this was a first for all four of us and it was absolutely delicious!

Saturday morning, we headed into the city bright and early to get our drink on. I promise we don't have a problem- just had a lot we wanted to fit into one day and the Sam Adams brewery just happened to come first!


From the brewery, we hopped on the trolley going to Doyle's to grab some lunch. Our trolley driver was the highlight of this experience and was HILARIOUS! He filled us in on the history of DOYLE'S and was so funny to listen to!

After lunch, we walked around Beacon Hill and Back Bay to kill some time before heading to Fenway to experience some playoff excitement! Saturday night was Game 6 of the Red Sox/Detroit series and the area was buzzing with excitement all night! We ended up getting extremely lucky and scoring a table on the rooftop deck at Jerry Remy's, directly across from the field!

We watched the game and ate dinner there before heading closer to our car to a different bar on Newbury to finish the game. As you all know, the Sox ended up winning and I'm so glad we decided to go into the area for the night. Ryan and I might be crazy, but when the world series comes back to Boston, we're going to head back into Fenway to be a part of the action again!

Sunday morning, we brought Brad and Susan to our church before going over to Marina Bay (another favorite spot) in Quincy for brunch. One of my favorite restaurants up here, Caption Fishbones, has an $11 all-you-can-eat buffet that we wanted to bring the in-laws to and once again, it definitely did not disappoint! Once we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves, we drove over to another part of Quincy to take a tour of the house John and Abigail Adams lived in and passed down to many other generations of Adamses! We did this tour with my parents back in July and it was just as awesome (and a little bit cooler) this time around!

Once we had our fill of history for the day, we headed back to the apartment to relax, watch football, and spend our last bit of time together for this trip. Monday morning the Smith's headed back to Georgia and we miss them already! Thanks for coming up to explore our new neck of the woods! See you in December!

I'll be back later this weekend with a couple new recipes and a craft I just completed!

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