Thursday, October 31, 2013

From Bouquet to Ornament: An After-Wedding Craft

Happy Halloween blog readers!! I hope everyone enjoyed their fair share of Halloween candy! Ryan and I actually got 7 trick-or-treaters in this apartment complex of us- so there was plenty of candy left over for us!
Anyways... in an effort to clean out some of the stuff that has accumulated over the past 8 months in our limited closet space, I finally got around to a wedding craft that has been waiting for me since we got back from our honeymoon back in December.
My wedding bouquet was one of my most favorite details from our big day. For 3 months, my mom hung the beautiful flowers upside down in my parents windowsill, letting the flowers dry out. Once they were sufficiently dried out, she carefully wrapped up the bouquet and mailed it up to Boston, along with a pack of clear glass ornaments. (Thanks for doing all that, mom!)

Last weekend, I finally unwrapped that sucker, and sadly tore it to shreds in the hopes that the final result would be worth the destruction!

Ryan's Boutonniere 10 months later!
 Each ornament received at least one ivory rose, a big pinecone, some baby pinecones, silver brunia, and some dusty miller. For one of the ornaments, I cut a square of the lace and burlap off from the bouquet handle and placed it inside. I finished them off with a strip of the crochet lace and burlap ribbon that was tied to the flower bunches that decorated the tables at our reception.

There are some many special touches in these ornaments from that day and I really think they turned out awesome! Ryan and I can't wait to hang them on our first Christmas tree together and further reminisce about the magic of December 15, 2012!!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Your ornament is adorable, such a great idea!