Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

The past few days have been pretty great! I had forgotten what it's like to come home after work, exercise, and eat dinner all before 7:30! Unfortunately, these days are once again going to be put on hold while I complete one summer intensive course to bring me three credits closer to my masters starting Monday! Knowing the week and a half I have ahead of me, I have been trying to make the most of this time off!

To kick off my break, Ryan and I, along with Jenna and Trevor, headed into Boston to cheer on the bruins with the rest of the towns crazy hockey fans near the Garden. In order to beat the traffic, we decided to drive in early, catching a glimpse of this sign along the way...

Once we parked, we walked around Quincy market, enjoying the beautiful weather and crazy street performers. While it can be entertaining, I'm not really sure how anybody gets in the business of climbing 12 foot poles to juggle machetes and chain saws.

We ate dinner at Boston Beer Works and cheered the B's on to a pretty victory before heading back home for the night. This weekend made me realize just how much I've missed going into our city!

The rest of my evenings have been spent experimenting with new recipes, getting caught up on some recordings, and spending quality time with my husband! I'm so not looking forward to spending the next two weeks in class until 9:30 but at least that means some more quality time with my BSU friends! (If that's not looking at the glass half full, than I don't know what is!)

Alright, time to go cheer the bruins on to a game 7 win!

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