Thursday, May 14, 2015

25 Weeks

You may notice that this weeks picture looks just a little bit different the pictures of the past. This picture was taken last Sunday after our entire apartment had been stuffed into a 17 foot U-Haul truck and my Jeep. If you think I had any idea where my burlap banner got placed, you're crazy! For week 25, the paper plate and sharpie worked just fine. I did have to include Rach though to class the white trash picture up a bit in front of said U-Haul. 

How far along? 25 weeks (and 5 days if we're being exact) 

Gender: Girl

Baby is the size of a(n)...: Cauliflower! Apparently she's not a fruit anymore... she weighs somewhere between 1.5-2.5 lbs. and is 13.6-14.8 inches long!  

Maternity clothes? YUP. As soon as we got to Georgia, Susan gave me bags full of maternity clothes so I'm pretty much all set at this point for summer... minus a few pairs of shorts. 

Best moment this week: Pulling up to my parents house and realizing our trek down the East Coast was finally over.... 26 hours of driving later! That same day, we met up with Brad, Susan, Brandon, Rachel, Leah, Tim, and Elise at my favorite mexican restaurant (La Parilla) for a welcome home dinner! 

Worst Moment this week: Hands down, saying goodbye to our friends up North was not only the worst moment of the week, but probably one of the worst moments of my life. All ya'll up there are very sorely missed already. 

Miss Anything?: Our friends. 

Cravings: Grilled chicken and salmon, watermelon, anything cold to help combat this heat that I'm just not used to anymore. I'm also STILL craving Trolli gummy Strawberry Puffs. Every gas station we stopped at on the way down to Georgia (we made 16 stops) was scoured for strawberry puffs but they were nowhere to be found. AGH! 

Symptoms: Heartburn, ankle swelling, and rib pressure 

Looking forward to: Getting fully unpacked before repacking to head to Kentucky tomorrow morning to celebrate my little brother's graduation!!! Go Jake! 

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  1. You look great! I love your scarf. Have fun at the graduation!