Sunday, May 3, 2015

23 Weeks + A New England Baby Shower

How far along? 23 weeks!

Total weight gain: 18 lbs.  

Gender: Girl

Baby is the size of a(n)...: Grapefruit! She is about 1 foot long and weighs a little over a pound!

Maternity clothes? Yup- basically living in maxi skirts, maxi dresses, and the most comfortable pair of maternity jeans ever (from Kohl's).

Best moment this week: Showering #ittybittysmitty with my closest friends from New England! (More on this at the bottom of the post.)

Worst Moment this week: Sleep has been pretty bad this week. Ryan and I ended up switching sides in the bed in the hopes that I might not toss and turn as much. While it may have helped a bit, I still wake up constantly and have to roll from side to side, which is quite the process these days. I'm definitely a stomach sleeper, so it's been tough to retrain my body to get comfortable in other positions.

Miss Anything? Surprisingly, not much food related. Ryan and I have been making a bigger effort to work out more frequently now that spring is upon us. Working out the way I used to is definitely something I'm starting to miss more and more.  I can barely run a quarter of a mile without huffing and puffing. Squats feel weird because my belly touches the top of my legs every time I squat down. Plus, everything just feels... heavier.

Cravings: Fruit, red meat, chopped salads, ice cream

Symptoms: My preggo symptoms haven't been too bad this week! I still have heartburn...and I'm pretty sure I will for the rest of this pregnancy. I've also been getting pains in my ribs on the right side.

Looking forward to: Spending all my free time with friends up North before we pack up and drive away in 13 days.

In other news (kind of)... last Saturday afternoon, ittybittysmitty and I had our first planned baby shower. I say planned because my wonderful coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower during a faculty senate meeting before school a couple weeks ago. Rachel G., Rachel F., and Bergie hosted a beautiful shower at Rachel G.'s house and really made me the babe feel so loved. Thank you girls so much for your friendship and generosity! And thank  you to everyone who came and spent their Saturday afternoon with me!

Love these girls SO much! 

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  1. I am LOVING maxi stuff! I have a dress and a skirt I rotate frequently. It's nice too because we can wear that stuff after the baby comes too :)