Tuesday, January 19, 2016

As of Late

Ya'll. This month has been crazy busy. I can't believe I'm starting to type up Peyton's FIVE month blog post. Before I jump into another "how Peyton has changed" post, I thought I would catch everyone up on the recent happenings in the Smith casa.

The week between Christmas and New Years, Ryan started a new job! While it has been beyond amazing to have him home with me and Peyton for the first few months of her life, he was really looking forward to getting back in the professional world and starting on a new career path. The only downside to this new job is less time spent as a family of three. I am learning the true meaning of "stay at home mom." Definitely not as easy as I thought it would be (although, I'm not sure why I ever thought it would be easy!) We are adjusting well though and Peyton has really been so amazing these past few weeks- minus a little teething fussiness here and there.

So what else is new?

Do ya'll remember my 101 in 1001 challenge? Really? Me either. My mom reminded me yesterday morning that I have some serious work to do on that little list. As a Christmas gift this year, my parents got my brother, Ryan, and I tickets to the Falcons/Saints game. My brother decided to bring my dad along as his date so my mom stayed back to hang out with P. We drove into the city together a few hours before the game and had lunch at a little restaurant inside the CNN center. Afterwards, we walked to the Dome, making it just in time for kick-off! (We would have been there earlier, but apparently you're not allowed to bring purses into the stadium unless they're clear so we had to walk all the way back to the car to drop my purse off!)

While the game was exciting, the Falcons had a pretty rocky season and ended it with another loss. Fun stuff. At least I can cross something else off my list!

Last weekend, Ryan, Peyton, and I made our way down to Georgia Tech to watch the yellow jackets battle it out in the pool and on the tennis courts. One of the perks of moving back to Georgia is that we get to finally attend some sporting events, which we haven't really done since graduating 5 years ago! Before getting to the pool, we stopped for coffee at Einstein's to meet up with my college coach, Marty! It was so great seeing him and introducing him to Peyton!

Once we got to the pool, we found seats and pulled Peyton out of her stroller, only to discover that she had (wait for it....) ANOTHER blow out in her car seat. We were stubborn and didn't want to change her into her non-GT outfit that I had packed, so we spent a solid 30 minutes in the family bathroom washing and drying her clothes under the hand dryer. By the time we finished, we got maybe 15 minutes of viewing time in before little miss decided she was hungry and wanted to be nursed. Just another example of being on baby's time and not your own anymore. Oh well.

We went to lunch at Tin Drum in Tech Square with Ryan's parents and then watched the tennis match for a few hours before leaving to get dinner with Lisa and Andy at 5 Seasons! It was a whirlwind of a day, but so fun to be back on our old stomping grounds!

Well..that's pretty much it for these past few weeks! I'll be back soon with a 5-month update on sweet P. Guys, she has changed so much in the past month, it's hard to believe!

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