Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Peyton Eve: Five Months

Peyton turned 5 months old yesterday. FIVE months. Time, slow down! We see newborn babies when we're out and about that are so tiny and it's hard to believe that my little nugget was ever that smaller (or smaller in some cases.) She has been growing like a weed and learning new things every day. This is such a fun age.

This month, I put away most of P's three month wardrobe (sad day) and hung up all of her 6-month clothes. She could still fit into her 3-month onesies, but they were definitely pulling at the neck and not as comfortable anymore. We also finished up her size 1 diapers and decided to bump her up to size 2! They're pretty big on her, but we're hoping they keep the poop in a little better. This mama is TIRED of the blow outs every other day! Peyton slept in her size 2 diapers for the first time last night and when I went to get her in the morning, she had peed completely through them, her jammies, magic merlin suit, and sheets...all the way onto the mattress pad. I guess doing less laundry isn't in my cards just yet.

We don't go back to the pediatrician's office until her 6-month visit, so I had to weigh her on our scale this month. Which, as you can guess, isn't the most accurate option.

P at FIVE months

Weight: 13 lbs. 7 oz. 
Birth: 6 lbs. 10 oz.

Peyton Loves: 
Sitting up
Bath time
Bouncing in her activity jumper
Sucking on her hands and toes, especially her thumb
Playing in her playroom
Holding her own bottle
Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

Peyton Hates:
Being left alone
Tummy time for extended periods (more than 5 minutes)
Waiting for her bottle to warm up
Spending lots of time in her car seat

What's new this month:

1. Peyton sits up all by herself! Okay, she can't actually sit herself up yet, but if placed in the seated position, she can keep herself in the seated position! If you've been reading these monthly post or spent any longer amount of time with P, you know by now that she does not enjoy being on her tummy much. Towards the end of last month, she decided she also doesn't really like being on her back. This leaves standing and sitting, neither of which are easy to do as a 5-month old! We've been practicing sitting up for a little while now and about a week ago, she all of a sudden got strong enough to really hold herself upright. She loves to be seated in front of toys and will play for 10-15 minutes at a time now independently before wanting some attention!

2. P has officially started showing an interest in food. She loves to watch people eat and will try to grab at the bowl or fork if she is sitting close by. I can't wait for the go-ahead from her pediatrician to start giving her something other than breastmilk! I'm thinking we may start with sweet potatoes. Any suggestions?! 

3. Homegirl likes to hold her own bottle and is getting better and better at grabbing it and putting the nipple in her mouth. We still hold her when she gets a bottle, but she likes to be hands on at all times.

4. Peyton's hand-eye coordination has improved so much this month! She rarely ever misses when she tries to grab for a toy or my eye balls. Yes, eye balls. Or lips. Or hair. Crazy girl! 

5. This month, Peyton got into the brand-reppin' business. She reps for three etsy shops, Moon and Back Wishes, Gingham and Grace, and Balakin & Co. We couldn't adore the sweet mamas behind each shop more and have enjoyed working with them so much! If you like shopping small, go check them out!  
bibdana and shoes from Moon and Back Wishes

Headband from Balakin and Co!
Peyton, you are my favorite little human. Watching your eyes light up when you see something you know or try to figure something new out is so exciting. I love your independence and attitude so much. You momma and daddy love you! 

FIVE month photo dump

Listening to GG play the piano! 

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  1. Look at her sitting up like a big girl! R is pretty good about sitting up too, although not quite as good as Miss P. Like her little outfits! That last picture is cuuuute. Love the vest.