Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Holidays 2015

What a whirlwind this holiday season has been! I can't believe it's all behind us already and that by the next holiday season, P will be walking and talking (hopefully!)


Peyton's first Christmas was magical this year. It was so fun to share and create new family traditions as first-time parents.

Christmas Eve doubles as my dad's birthday as well. To make the day more special for him, my family has always gone out to some sort of show and dinner. With the baby being so young this year, we put that old tradition on hold and started something new. This year, my mom, dad, and brother drove up to our house for a fancy birthday dinner and game night! We ate honey baked ham, pineapple casserole, baked mac n cheese, brussel sprouts, and a vanilla bean cake! It was quite the feast!

After dinner, we put P down for the night and played dominos and cards for the rest of the night. It was a very different evening from Christmas Eve's in the past, but I really enjoyed the change of pace and getting to host my family at our house!

On Christmas morning, Ryan and I woke up bright and early (before the baby) to get some coffee started and enjoy a little time together just the two of us (while I pumped.) As we were sipping coffee, we opened our gifts to each other. I don't think we will always do this on our own while P is still asleep, but since we had such a jam-packed day, we wanted to use our time wisely and not feel rushed once the baby woke up to open our gifts. Peyton woke about an hour later, so we paused our gift exchange to get her out of bed, changed, and fed. Opening gifts this year with a 4-month old was fun and kind of non-existent at the same time. As I was wrapping her gifts this year, I got through two and realized this was silly because I would be the one unwrapping them as well. P loved all of her gifts though (wrapped or unwrapped) but played with the wrapping paper from our gifts more than anything else. Oh well!

Once we finished at our house, we got showered up and headed over to Mimi and Gramp's house for the Schoeff family Christmas. We started the event with some brunch. My mom made grits, a pigs in a blanket wreath, baked ham sandwiches, eggnog bread, mimosas, and fruit salad. Basically, we had enough food to feed a small army. Which was good, because we were starving by this time. After brunch, we opened gifts. Peyton got spoiled with her loot this year. That is one loved little girl!

Around mid-afternoon, Ryan, P, and I headed to our final destination for the day, the Smith household! We hung out for a bit and snacked on some apps before beginning the gift exchange again. We all wanted the girls to open their gifts before bedtime, so we started with just gifts for them! Again, P got loaded up with some great and useful gifts from Nana, Pop, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Rachel, and Leah!

The girls got bathed and jammied up (matching jammies from Nana and Pop this year!!) and we took a couple quick pics before putting them down for the night!

Susan made a big pan of lasagna for dinner which was enjoyed after the girls were put down around 8. We then opened our gifts to each other, finishing up around 10:30 at night! What a day! We rounded out Christmas day with some Cards Against Humanity, which we ended up playing until 2 in the morning. Unfortunately for me, P decided she wanted to hang out with me some more around 2:30 and we were up until 4. Boo. That made for one tired mama the next day!

New Years Eve/Day

To ring in the new year, Ryan, P, and I spent the night with Brandon, Rachel, and Leah! We got over to their house around 4 ready to kick off the New Years festivities with the biggest. diaper. blow out. ever. In her super cute New Years outfit too. It was my mistake really... I mean, how many time does P have to ruin an outfit while in her car seat before I stop putting her in them early!?

Once the mess was cleaned up, we were really ready to party. The cousins played for a couple hours before we put them down for the night. For the rest of the night, we decided to compete in an Olympics of sorts, playing Dominoes, Rummy 500, Cards against Humanity, and N64 Mario Tennis. Each place was assigned points and at the end of the night tallied everything up. Hinck was our big winner for the night! We ended up going to bed around 2, praying that Peyton would sleep through the night. Which she did.

It was the perfect way to round out the best year of my life so far! Happy 2016, ya'll!

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