Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day in the Life: 7-month Edition

So... I realize that a "day in the life" post is supposed to reflect a NORMAL day in our lives, but right now nothing is really normal. Also, I meant to do a day in the life post when P was six months old. Clearly, time got away from me again. Buying a house and moving is super time consuming. Luckily for us, we closed yesterday and are getting ready to make the big move this weekend, so life should return to the new normal soon!

This day in the life took place yesterday, Tuesday March 29, 2016. The day we closed on our first home. The home Peyton will grow up in. Enjoy!

My day started around 7 a.m. when Ryan woke me up to say goodbye before leaving for work. I like to get up before Peyton so that I have time to pump, eat breakfast, and take a couple sips of hot coffee on my own.

Peyton woke up around 8:15, got a diaper change, and drank her bottle. She drinks about 8 oz each bottle these days. Normally, after she finishes her bottle, we play in her playroom. But on this day, we needed to leave the house around 9:30 in order to get to the closing on time, so there wasn't much play time.

Peyton hung out in her bouncy seat while I showered and got dressed. I packed up her diaper bag and got all of our documents in order, and then we headed over to my parents house. My dad agreed to watch Peyton while Ryan and I closed on the house, so I dropped her off with him on our way out.

The closing went smoothly and required roughly 763498357 signatures from Ryan and myself. About an hour later, we walked out with a key to our new house! We gave the previous owners temporary occupancy for an extra day though, so we couldn't actually get into the house on this day. To celebrate, Ryan and I grabbed a semi-quick lunch at Applebee's.

 Ryan took me back to my parent's house, where I picked up Peyton and headed to Target to grab some supplies for our move. Unfortunately, they didn't have what we needed and P was in major need of a nap at this point, so I just headed home. Peyton went down for a nap at around 2:30, and I took advantage of the free time to get a couple last loads of laundry done before moving the washer and dryer to the new house. (On a "normal day" at home, Peyton goes down for a nap from around 11-1 and again at 3:30-5 or so. We've been rolling with the flow these past few weeks and napping when and wherever we can.)

Ryan's Aunt and cousins are in town this week from Rochester, NY. The Smith's decided yesterday to take a drive out to the cemetery to visit Grannie Abeln and Grandpa Smith. Since the cemetery is up by our current house, they swung by to grab the two of us on their way out at around 5.

After our visit, we caravanned over to Williamson Bros BBQ for an all-you-can-eat dinner! Ryan met us all here after work at around 6:30.

After dinner, we said our goodbyes and headed home to put Peyton to bed. P goes down around 8. Ryan gave her her bottle and put her to bed this night while I pumped and washed ten million bottles and pump parts.

We finished our night off by folding a couple loads of laundry, wrapping some furniture up, and bringing it out to the garage to make loading the uhaul go a little smoother on Saturday.

Phew, looking back I realize we had ourselves quite the day. Every season of life is different and we happen to be in a very exciting, albeit BUSY season right now! Stay tuned for some updates and pictures in the new house! Happy hump day, friends!

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