Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter 2016

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Holidays are SO much more fun with a child! This Easter was certainly no exception. We had a blast celebrating this holiday with our family now that we're back in Georgia and Peyton!

Our Easter festivities actually started the week before Easter. Last Sunday, Ryan, Peyton, and I went to an Easter egg hunt/party in Brandon and Rachel's neighborhood! The hunt was supposed to be on Saturday, but it was moved to Sunday due to weather (which never actually happened). Luckily, the weather was beautiful on Sunday, so the event went down without a hitch! And the Owens/Waylander clan was in town visiting that day and got to partake in some of the Easter fun!

Mine and Ryan's Easter bunny appetizer 

After the Easter festivities, the babies both took naps while the adults hung out by the fire pit. Brandon cooked up some pork on the Green Egg and we had ourselves a feast for dinner.

On Easter Sunday, the next week, Ryan, Peyton, and I all woke up in my parents house (we had spent the night over there because we were out at Top Golf Saturday night with friends) to a couple fun Easter baskets.

That is one LOVED little girl!

We all got dressed up and headed over the Pinetree Country Club for a 10:30 brunch buffet. Ryan and I felt so lucky this year because we got to spend our Easter with our ENTIRE immediate family, which is pretty special. (Minus my dad, who signed up to work a swim meet not realizing it was Easter. He missed the brunch, but the meet ended early enough for him to drop by the club for some Easter pictures later in the day!) We shared brunch with my mom, Jake, Brad, Susan, Brandon, Rachel, and Leah. The food spread was unbelievable, but the company was better!

Now, back to the food. The club had literally everything you can think of for an Easter Brunch: Prime Rib, Ham, scalloped potatoes, mac n cheese, asparagus, rolls, salmon, omelette station, waffle bar, salad, bacon, chicken tenders, and more. Plus, they had an amazing dessert spread. Clearly, we did not leave hungry!

While we were eating, the Easter bunny decided to start making his rounds. He visited each table and handed out Easter eggs to the little ones. The egg hunt had to be cancelled since the weather was less than ideal.

Peyton has recently started developing a little stranger anxiety and cries when people she doesn't recognize hold her. As you can imagine, I didn't expect the Easter bunny to go over very well. To all of our surprise though, she LOVED the bunny. She was happy and smiley the whole time. Win!

After brunch, we walked outside to get some family pictures. The Easter bunny spotted us again and decided to join us. He handed Leah and Peyton a couple more eggs and posed for some pics for us. Such a sweetie bunny!

Peyton modeling her adorable custom-made romper from Gingham and Grace Etsy shop!

Leah, not so thrilled with the bunny, being reassured by Peyton. "It's okay, cousin, I got you!" 
 All in all, this was by far, my favorite Easter to date. We were surrounded by family and got to celebrate the holiday with our own little bunny. I hope everyone had a wonderful day as well!

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