Monday, December 8, 2014

My Favorite Things To Do With Burlap (Right Now)

Hello and happy Monday! This weekend went by like a blur and was filled with mall shopping, whiskey tasting, football watching, and errand running. While everything was great, the football game could have gone a little better (darn you, FSU!) 

So...if you've read any of my recent already know what my first Christmas craft of the season was. Without being redundant, I just wanted to share a few quick tips on how this little burlap wreath was created. 

After scouring Pinterest for craft ideas in November, I quickly decided a festive burlap wreath for the front door would be perfect! There were so many tutorials on Pinterest that I thought for sure it would be a breeze. Wrong! 
Luckily, I first tackled this craft at my friend Rachel's house. I say luckily because we all know two heads are better than one! On top of that, Rachel is a master crafter, so we figured it out pretty quickly together! We found that the best way to figure out how to put together a burlap wreath is to use a combination of directions from various websites. There are 2089357483942 different blog posts that can be found via Pinterest already, so I really don't see the need for me to spell it out one more time. 

Basically, all you need is a wire wreath, burlap ribbon (about 60 ft.), some accent ribbon, and either floral wire or pipe cleaners. I got all of my supplies at A.C. Moore for $8! These wreaths sell for $45+ on etsy! 

Just some extra tips: 
  • Start your burlap weaving on the outermost wire ring and weave over, under, over, under toward the inside of the ring. 
  • Weave the burlap through four times in each section so that the wreath is fuller. 
  • I really wanted to add an accent ribbon in to bring a pop of color to the neutral burlap. I found it best that the accent ribbon be wired. I weaved the accent ribbon through each section two times, trying my best to space them out evenly. 
That's it! I enjoyed this craft (and the end result) so much, that I made another one for my mom in Virginia! 

Another way I'm loving burlap this holiday season is as a Christmas card holder! I had some extra burlap ribbon from the wreath craft that I wasn't sure what to do with. Then one day while I was perusing the isles at Marshalls, I came across a couple packs of festive mini clothespins and immediately knew what to do! 

I didn't end up using the washi tape back there for this craft...but you will be seeing that again in a few days! 

Off of our makeshift pantry in the kitchen, I rolled down the burlap ribbon. I am currently using the clothespins to hold all of our beautiful Christmas cards we've already received (Seriously people... some of ya'll are on TOP of your game this year!). I LOVE the way it turned out and that I get to admire everyone's cards every time I walk into the kitchen! 

Alright, I am off to a Christmas cookie swap! The Christmas festivities have officially begun for this little Smith family! Have a great night, everyone! 

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