Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Home For the Holidays

Well, our Christmas vacation back in Georgia officially came to a close late last night. This year's trip home for the holidays was definitely one we will never forget!

Our vacation began an hour and a half later than expected last Tuesday. Our flight was delayed due to bad weather on the east coast, so we didn't actually get back to my parents house until around 1 in the morning. We spent about an hour together catching up before saying goodnight and going to bed.

On Wednesday (AKA Christmas Eve...AKA my dad's birthday), we ate a good breakfast, got dressed up, and went out to see "A Christmas Carol" at a small theater in Woodstock. At intermission, we all got up to get a couple snacks and take a restroom break. When we got to the snack bar and realized they only had candy bars when we had a homemade spinach dip and BBQ weenies in the crock-pot at home. Our hungry bellies made the game time decision to leave the play and head back to the house to start our Christmas eve feast a little early. While at home that night, we played a couple of fun Christmas games my Mom put on (Bingo, Christmas trivia, a drawing game, and Left, Right, Across game- all for prizes). For dinner we had steak, chicken, roasted potatoes, and brussel sprouts. My mom also made a German chocolate bundt cake for my dad's birthday. To continue with our night of games, we finished things off with a riveting game of Trivial Pursuit, which I learned I am NOT very good at.

On Christmas day, we opened presents, ate a French toast casserole, played with our presents, left the house to spend some time with Ryan's family, came back to my house for dinner, dessert, and a couple rounds of dominos! We feel so lucky that both our families live within 20 minutes of each other so that we can spend some time with everyone during the holidays!

On Friday, we packed some stuff up and drove the 15-20 minutes over to Ryan's parents house, stopping on the way for a coffee with two of Ryan's high school friends. Once Brandon, Rachel, and Leah made their way to the house, our second day of Christmas festivities began. We opened more presents, ate more food, and played more dominos! We also got to spend some quality time with Ryan's best friend Ben, his fiance Lulu, and Aunt Meredith and Lauren!

On Saturday, little Miss Leah got baptized! The Smith's and the Hinckley's met at the church around 5:30 for her baptism. The church was still decorated for Christmas which gave us a beautiful backdrop for Leah's special day! Brandon and Rachel asked Ryan and I to be he Godparents which is such an honor. After the baptism, we all drove over to a cute little restaurant nearby for dinner and then back to Brandon and Rachel's for dessert.

Best. Lunch. Ever. 


On Sunday, The Owens' family drove over to Brandon and Rachel's from Alabama for our Smith/Owens annual Christmas! We competed in a marshmallow tower building contest, ate a delicious pulled pork dinner, and watched (cringed through) one last Falcons game for the season.
The most sound marshmallow tower you will ever see! 
My last highlight from the trip was Monday night's dinner at La Parilla with Stephanie, Ben, the Furman's, the Smith's, and the Schoeff's. It was quite the party!

Our trip home went by WAY too fast as usual and we're already counting down the weeks until we get to see some family again! Next time will be in Aruba with Brad and Susan!!

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Cheers to a wonderful start to 2015!

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