Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Goals

Holy Cow! I know we're two days in, but I still just can't believe it's already December!

November was a great month. I mean any month that we get to see our families is pretty great in my book!

Today, I'm here to wrap up my November goals and move on to my December goals!

First things first, let's take a quick look back at my November goals!

1. Take 3 fitness classes.
I am SO glad I made this a goal because it really motivated me to get my butt up off the couch when it started getting dark earlier and earlier every night this month. I am happy to say that I completed this goal! Every week I went to two body pump classes and a zumba class.

2. Read a book not related to grad school.
Check! This month I chose to read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Gillian also wrote Gone Girl, which I really enjoyed reading. Although it was a very dark book, I found it very hard to put down at times, which is always a sign of a good book to me. I would recommend it but maybe don't start reading it late at night when you're husband is out of town.

3. Finish my Christmas shopping.
I realize this was a pretty crazy goal to set for myself in NOVEMBER, but since we're flying home for Christmas, I really wanted to be able to bring all of our wrapped Christmas presents for family in the car with us so that our parents could bring them down to Georgia after Thanksgiving. I am very happy to report that our Christmas shopping for everyone back in Georgia is d-o-n-e! What a relief!

4. Complete a Christmas DIY.
The DIY I chose to complete this month was a holiday burlap wreath for the front door! I loved how it turned out SO much, that I made another one for my mom while staying at the cabin! Stay tuned for a little post on my new front door decoration!

Phew, I was busy this past month! Now on to my new goals for December!

December Goals
1. Read a new book.
Taking the time to read a book for pleasure last month reminded me just how much I love to read. You can pretty much bet this is going to be a recurring goal every month.
2. Take 15 fitness classes.
Along with the above goal, you can pretty much count on seeing some sort of fitness goal every month. I've tweaked the wording in this goal a little bit because I know I'll be traveling and away from the gym for part of the month. Instead of going three times a week, I want to try to get to 15 total fitness classes this month.
3. Complete another Christmas DIY.
I have a lot of burlap ribbon and some other goodies left over from the last craft. Now I just need some inspiration and motivation to do something with it!
4. Finally go ice skating in Frog Pond.
I really wanted to do this last holiday season, but it just didn't work out for some reason. Maybe if I make it a goal (and put it in writing), I'll finally convince Ryan to go brave the cold with me and skate the night away in Boston Common?!
There you have it. Another month, another set of goals to accomplish!

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