Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We Decked the Halls

I have been waiting patiently for weeks now to finally share my Christmas decorations with the world (or whoever actually reads this thing...). Today is the day! 

Ryan and I actually decked our halls two or so weeks ago after much begging and pleading on my part. I realize some people may frown upon the whole "decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving" thing, but seasonal decorations make me giddy. So why should I have to wait until December 1st to put our tree up and only get to enjoy everything for a few short weeks?? Anybody? That's what I thought! 

I take pictures of our Christmas decorations every year (last years set up), so that I can remember where I put things the year before, making re-decorating the next year that much easier. Plus, I just like to give my friends and family out there a little glimpse into our home sweet home we've made for ourselves in Boston. So...without further ado, I present to you my views this season. 

Let's start at the entrance. Welcome in! 

This burlap wreath is my first Christmas craft of the season! It was also one of my November goals! I'm so happy with how it turned out. One of these days I plan on actually documenting the burlap wreath making process on here. One of these days. 

This is our entry table and one of my most favorite spots to decorate seasonally. The banner is new and glittery and came from Etsy. My favorite decorations on the table are the chef Santa, given to us by Mama Kathy, and the bowl of ornaments, which were handed down to us by Ryan's Granny and Papa. These are definitely decorations we will cherish forever.

 Once you walk past our entry, you see this:

Our tree for the season! Our DIY stocking holder can be seen closer up here

Our newest addition to the Christmas tree- a little leprechaun ornament straight from Ireland. 
 Our newest piece of furniture (Thanks Brad, Susan, Rick, and Jane!) decorated for it's first Christmas:

For our first anniversary, my god-father and uncle Dave and aunt Carolyn gave us a nativity scene. On a note that he wrote, Uncle Dave told us that my grandfather gave him and aunt Carolyn a similar nativity set for their first anniversary. I think that is so special and will also cherish displaying this set year after year.

To round this post out, here are a couple other odds and ends around the apartment.

I love coming home to our very own Christmas oasis after work in the evenings. Happy Holidays, ya'll!

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  1. It's beautiful Sarah....every bit of it...and I love the Schoeff Santa!

    Tim Chef