Tuesday, November 19, 2013

101 in 1001: Introduction

I love lists. Actually, I love scratching things OFF a list. It makes me feel accomplished. So when I heard about the Day Zero "101 in 1001" challenge, I knew it was something I would enjoy doing. The premise of the challenge is to create a list of 101 things and cross them all off in a period of 1001 days (or 2.75 years) So with that information in mind... I made a list of thing I've been wanting to do. As Barney would say, Challenge Accepted!

Start Date: 11/19/2013
Completion Date: August 16, 2016
The List

1. Come up with 101 things to do  --This was much harder to do for me than you may think, but it's done and I get to do what I like most, cross it off!!
2. Get my Master's in Elementary Education
3. Get hired as a teacher
4. Celebrate our first anniversary
5. Celebrate our 2nd anniversary
6. Celebrate our 3rd anniversary
7. Start a family with Ryan
8. Read the entire Bible
9. Learn how to knit
10. Knit a scarf
11. Knit a hat
12. Adopt a puppy
13. Volunteer (anywhere, anytime)
14. Eat every meal at home for an entire month
15. Create a new Christmas tradition with Ryan
16. Learn how to change a tire

17. Bake a Pecan Pie
18. Bake a Pumpkin Pie
19. Bake an Apple Pie
20. Make Sangria
21. Make a Lasagna
22. Make Sugar Cookies from scratch
23. Make Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
24. Make 5 new freezer meals (0/5)
25. Make 5 new recipes with the cast-iron skillet (0/5)
26. Make 5 new brownie recipes (0/5)
27. Bake a cake or cupcakes from scratch
28. Cook something with an ingredient I've never used before
29. Roast a Chicken
30. Organize my recipes
31. Make Homemade Tomato Sauce
32. Make 5 new Crock-Pot recipes (0/5)
33. Make homemade jam/jelly

34. Visit New Hampshire
35. Go to Nantucket
36. Go to Martha's Vineyard
37. Go on a cruise
38. Go to Newport, RI
39. Go to Colorado
40. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
41. Visit my family in Miami
42. Visit my family in California/Washington
43. Attend a 4th of July family reunion
44. Visit our old neighbors in NJ
45. Go to the Grand Canyon
46. Get a new stamp on my passport

47. Run a 5k race
48. Take a yoga class
49. Go for a hike
50. Take a Piloxing class
51. Complete a 10k race
52. Hold a 5 minute plank
53. Attend a fitness class I've never heard of
54. Try 5 new strength-training/cardio workouts from Pinterest (0/5)
55. FINALLY go swimming again
56. Finish a p90x workout

57. Throw a dinner party
58. Host a holiday party
59. Host a scarf swap
60. Host a cookie swap
61. Participate in another freezer meal swap
62. Host Friendsgiving
63. Throw a bridal shower/bachelorette party/baby shower
64. Throw a "favorite things" party

65. Make a Console Table
66. Turn my mom's old ring into a new necklace
67. Pick a Pinterest DIY and do it
68. Make something at a pottery studio
69. Put together a photo wall in the apartment
70. Turn one of our favorite wedding pictures into a canvas
71. Make something with the wine cork collection
72. Turn my blog into a book
73. Create wall art with an old wood pallet

Just for Fun/Random:
74. Send a care package to a friend
75. Go to my first country concert
76. Watch my brother swim for WKU
77. Donate blood
78. Go camping
79. TRY skiing again....
80. Send out Christmas cards for the first time
81. Go to a beer festival
82. Build a snowman
83. Go to the top of a lighthouse
84. Read 5 books not related to my Master's program (0/5)
85. Go to an NFL game
86. Buy an item from my cousin, Olivia's Sakroots line 
87. Go to a museum
88. Donate toys to a local elementary school for Christmas
89. Have professional family pictures taken
90. Go to a play
91. Go Strawberry Picking
92. Inspire someone else to write their own 101 list.

Explore Boston:
93. Try 5 new restaurants in Boston (0/5)
94. Go Ice Skating in Frog Pond
95. Go to a Bruins game
96. Go to a concert at the TD Garden
97. Check out the Boston Winery
98. Go on a Duck Boat tour through Boston
99. Go to the New England Aquarium
100. Go to the Plymouth Plantation
101. Go to a Christmas Parade in Boston

102. Donate $1 for every challenge I do not complete by the end of 1001 days.

Well, there you have it! My hope is that every time I cross off one of these items from the list, I'll blog about it, but you can follow along through the page at the top of my blog!

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