Friday, November 15, 2013


We have been doing a lot of holiday-themed lessons in my Master's program lately. Subsequently, I have been itching to put away our fall décor and bust out the Christmas stuff; the only thing holding me back in Ryan, who, up until today, insisted we hold off until after Thanksgiving. Luckily, I was able to use my power of persuasion to get "Put up Christmas décor" added to our weekend to-do list!

So... before I jump headfirst into the Christmas spirit, I thought I would take some inspiration from a fellow blogger and type up a quick list of a few things I've been feeling thankful for this season.
  1. My husband who put up with me loved me enough to make me his wife 11 months ago today.
  2. Our new home up North and all of the exciting things we have been able to do so far. Now, if only I can remember how much I love New England this winter when the snow is up to my thighs and its pitch black outside by 4pm.
  3. My whole, big, beautiful family. Ya'll definitely give me a lot to be thankful for.
  4. The awesome friends Ryan and I have made up here in Boston that make it a little easier to be so far away from everyone down South and the two upcoming Friendsgiving's and Thanksgiving Dinner we are lucky enough to be invited to!
  5. My job and all of the amazing experience I'm gaining to better prepare me for my own classroom one day.
  6. Freezer meals. Along with the full-time job and evening classes at Bridgewater, freezer meals have been the only thing providing Ryan and I with some sort of nutrition.
  7. This blog. I'm so glad I decided to start this thing and keep track of all the wonderful things we've been doing during our first year of married life!
There are so many more little things I am definitely thankful for, but I don't want to bore ya'll so I'll stop the list here!

On that note... let the Christmas season commence!

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