Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nursery Tour

Itty Bitty's room is done! Ryan and I had so much fun putting this space together for our baby girl and can't wait to share it with her in a few weeks. 

Going into this process, I knew I wanted the room to have some sort of mint/coral color scheme. I searched EVERYWHERE for the perfect bedding, but couldn't really find exactly what I wanted. Etsy had some great options, but I got nervous ordering stuff online that I had never seen before and everything there was much more expensive. While browsing Babies R Us one day, Ryan and I found a bedding option that we both really liked and just decided to go for it. 

Mint turned to more of an aqua blue and the coral color I wanted became an orangey-coral with grey and white accents. I LOVE how it turned out! 

View in from the door. 
My view from the rocking chair.

My mom knitted the baby blanket draped over the rocking chair and it fits the colors of the room perfectly. I love it! We've also got all of the books that were given to us in lieu of cards at the baby shower displayed on our mini bookshelf ready to be read to little miss thing.

The banner and her name were made by me and super easy to put together. I love the pop they bring to the wall above her crib!

Found at Hobby Lobby

I have become a tad obsessed with headbands and plan on starting Itty Bitty young in them so that she will wear them the older she gets. I made the headband display on the wall here to give them all a home! Tutorial coming later!

The closet may look a little messy, but I assure you that there is a place for everything and everything is in it's place. I just may be the only one to be able to find those things! 

Hope ya'll enjoyed the tour! I love this little space and look forward to the many hours baby girl and I will be spending in there in the near future!

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  1. Super cute :) I love the baby blanket your mom made!